Swim Lesson Levels

Each level of Learn-to-Swim includes training in basic water safety & helping a swimmer in distress in addition to the skills outlined below:

Level 1: Enter & exit water using ladder, steps, or side/ blowing bubbles thru mouth and nose,3 seconds/ bobbing,3 times/opening eyes underwater & retrieving submerged objects, 2 times in shallow water/ front & back glide, 2 body lengths/ back float, 3 seconds/ recover from a front & back glides and floats to a vertical position/ roll from front to back and back to front/ treading using arm and hand actions in chest deep water/ alternating leg & arm action on front & back for 2 body lengths/ simultaneous leg & arm actions on front & back for 2 body lengths.


Level 2: Enter water by stepping or jumping from side in shoulder deep water/ exit water using ladder, steps, or side in chest deep water/ fully submerging & holding breath, 5 seconds/ bobbing 5 times in chest deep/ front, jellyfish, & tuck floats each for 5 seconds/ back float ,15 seconds/ change direction of travel while swimming on front or back/ treading using arm & leg actions, 15 seconds in shoulder deep/ combined arm & leg actions on front & back, 5 body lengths/ finning arm action on back, 5 body lengths.


Level 3: Enter water by jumping from side into deep water( 9 feet or more)/ headfirst entries from side into deep water from sitting & kneeling positions/ bobbing while moving toward safety, 5 times in chest deep/ rotary breathing,10 times/ survival float  on front & back for 30 sec. each/ change from vertical to horizontal on front & back in deep/ treading water, 30 sec. in deep/ push off in streamlined position on front & use flutter and dolphin kicking, 3-5 body lengths/ front crawl & elementary backstroke, 15 meters(3/4 of pool length) each/ scissors kick, 10 meters.


Level 4: Headfirst entry from side into deep in stride & compact positions/ swim underwater, 3-5 body lengths/ feet first surface dive, submerging completely/ survival swimming, 30 sec. in deep/ front crawl & backstroke, open turns/ front crawl & elementary back, 1 pool length/ swim breaststroke, backstroke, & butterfly, ¾ of pool length for each.


Level 5: shallow-angle dive from side into deep/ from shallow dive, glide 2 body lengths & begin any front stroke/ perform a pike & tuck surface dive/ front flip turn & backstroke flip turn while swimming/ tread water, 5 minutes/

Front crawl & elementary backstroke, 2 pool lengths each/ breaststroke, butterfly, back crawl, & sidestroke, 1 length of each/ standard scull, 30 seconds.


Level 6: Front crawl(freestyle) & elementary backstroke,4 lengths each/ Back crawl, breaststroke, sidestroke, & butterfly, 2 lengths of each/ front & back open turns , along with turns for back, side, breast, & butterfly while swimming / circle swimming/ use of a pace clock, pull buoy, fins, & paddles/ swim 20 lengths, non-stop w/ 3 strokes.