Perry Pool Rentals

The scheduling of the pool for rental purposes will be handled through the Perry High School Natatorium by the Aquatic Director and in consultation with the Athletic Director. Rentals are for a minimum of 1 hour and by 30 minute increments thereafter.

Rental Fee Schedule

$10.00/hour – Student group or organization within the Perry School System, plus cost of pool supervisor and lifeguard(s)

$25.00/hour – Groups, organizations, or residents of the Perry School district, plus cost of pool supervisor and lifeguard(s)

$100.00/hour – Groups, organizations, or citizens residing or based outside of the Perry School District, plus the cost of supervisor and lifeguard(s)

The total cost should be paid in advance of the rental date within a minimum of 48 hours prior to the rental date.

A pool supervisor and lifeguard(s) will be on duty. The supervisor is responsible for opening & securing the pool, locker rooms, and athletic wing. An additional 20 minute time period (1/3 hour @ $11.25/hour = $4.00 is built into the rental and can be used any way the renter care to. Examples:

  1. Decorate ahead of the party itself. Doors can be unlocked 20 minute ahead of rental time.
  2. Open exactly on rental time: whistled out of pool at the end of the rental time and have 20 minutes after to shower in locker rooms, clean up party room, carry stuff to cars, etc.
  3. Unlock 10 minutes ahead of rental time and lock-up  10 minutes after rental time.

Renter has the use of a full size refrigerator w/freezer section, a small microwave, and access to ice. Ice bucket, cooler, etc. must be provided by the renter.

Checks should be made payable to: Perry Board of Education and mailed to Mr. Barriffe at: 3737 13th St SW, Massillon, OH 44646. **Please mark your 20 minute option in the memo section of your check or call 330-478-6157 with your name, date of rental, and your 20 minute option choice.


Rental contracts are available at the pool office.