PHS Gymnastics Team Brings Home Victory Over Timken

The gymnastics came home with a victory against Timken last night with a score of 119.2 to 98.
On vault: placing 5th Jen Holsworth, 3rd Ariel Swogger, 2nd Natalie Kile, 1st Tara Dedmon.
On bars: placing 4th Jen Holsworth, 3rd Tara Dedmon, 2nd Emily Kile, 1st Natalie Kile.
On beam: placing 6th Erin Criss, 5th Jen Holsworth, 4th Shannon Langanke, 3rd Natalie Kile, 2nd Cortnee Beaver, 1st Tara Dedmon.
On floor: placing 6th Ariel Swogger, 5th Tara Dedmon, 4th Jen Holsworth, 3rd Shannon Langanke, 2nd Natalie Kile, 1st Emily Kile.
In the all-around: placing 3rd Jen Hollsworth, 2nd Tara Dedmon, 1st Natalie Kile
Also contributing to the win were Michaela Yarbrough and Maggie Ruby.