6th Grade Beginning Band Recruitment Registration Nights

Each year a new group of 5th grade students eagerly awaits their turn to join our band program. The study of music can be one of the most valuable steps in your child’s education. Some of the benefits your child will receive are responsibility, mental discipline, teamwork, self-esteem, and, above all, the enjoyment and life-long appreciation of music. Our experience as teachers has convinced us that any child willing to put in a reasonable amount of effort can succeed!
Registration meetings will be held where our band program, schedules, lessons, and instruments will be explained. It is important that one and preferably both parents attend this meeting. Below are the dates, times, and place to register your child for the 6th grade beginning band at Pfeiffer Middle School: (you only need to attend ONE meeting)

Date: Wednesday, March 24
Thursday, March 25

Time: 6:00pm

Place: Pfeiffer Middle School Cafeteria

If you are unable to attend, please call Mrs. Martin at Pfeiffer Middle School, or email at martinka@perrylocal.org, and we will set up an appointment time for you and your child.
During the meetings students will be able to try out all of the instruments and specialists will be available to answer your questions. At this time there will also be information on rental/purchase plans and specific brands to purchase.
Prior to the meetings, the Perry Band Staff will be visiting each elementary to introduce and demonstrate each of the band instruments your child will be able to play in band. Your child will have an opportunity to try some of the instruments at that time. In addition, we will send home several informational brochures to help you and your child determine which instrument he/she may be most successful playing.
We firmly believe that every child should have the chance to learn and participate in music! We look forward to seeing you at the meetings!

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