Perry’s People of Character Recognized

The 2010 People of Character Recognition Reception was hosted at R.G. Drage Career Technical Center on Thursday, October 21, 2010.  Nine individuals from Perry were recognized for their dedication to the Six Pillars of Character: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship. Those individuals are:(the following are excerpts from the evening’s program):

Cathy Murray (Genoa Elementary) is a person who models honor and integrity in all she does. She is one of the most kind-hearted, caring people at Genoa Elementary. Mrs. Murray lives a life that is dedicated to serving others. She is someone who always goes the extra degree and will do anything, for anyone in need. Mrs. Murray’s character positively influences those she touches. After spending time in her presence, you simply want to be a better person. We are blessed to have her working with our students and families at Genoa.

Judy Saylor (T.C. Knapp Elementary) has devoted 25 years to the students in Perry. Her outstanding character and quiet strength do not go unrecognized.  Mrs. Saylor welcomes out preschool students each and every morning with a warm smile. Students who are out ill are showered with cards and acts of kindness. Homemade cookies are given regularly to the staff. Selfless in all she does, Judy is truly a person of character, striving to live her life by the Golden Rule, and in service to others. The team at T.C. Knapp proudly recognizes Judy as our “Person of Character.”

Gina Jones (Lohr Elementary) is the Lohr PTO Treasurer. She has many strong traits; however, the one that stands out the most is her positive attitude. When she comes to our school, she just seems to send positive messages everywhere. She always has a smile on her face and is always concerned about everyone around her. This is the second time that she has served as PTO treasurer. She is extremely conscientious and efficient.  We are very fortunate to have Gina as a member of our school family. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for our school. Congratulations!

Amy Barrick (Reedurban Elementary) Hard working,  compassionate, thoughtful and caring are the words that begin to describe Amy Barrick, Reedurban’s cafeteria manager. Amy’s love for children is evident in her demeanor and actions. When entering the cafeteria, the students are aware of the safe and friendly environment by the smile on Amy’s face.  Her encouraging attitude, knowledge and individual student backgrounds and compassion for sensitive home situations make me proud to have Amy as part of the Reedurban team.

Brittany Knoch (Watson Elementary) Watson School recognizes current sixth grader and former student, Brittany Koch, as their person of character. Not only does Brittany model the Six Pillars of Character, Brittany is committed and goal driven. She achieved a black belt in karate as a third grader and currently she is ranked among the top tennis players in the United States. Recently, Brittany was faced with a decision between two of her goals – perfect school attendance or advancing  in a tennis tournament. She was told that she would be permitted to leave school 30 minutes early with no charge to her attendance to participate in a tennis match. Brittany demonstrated her character by declining as she stated, “It wouldn’t really be perfect attendance!” Brittany achieved perfect attendance and continues to rise in the national tennis rankings. She displays the kind of integrity, responsibility, drive, commitment and character you want in a student who is at school everyday!

Julie Kernan (Whipple Heights Elementary) has been an active volunteer and PTO member for many years at Whipple Heights Elementary School. During this time, she has volunteered hundreds of hours at the school assisting with various activities and projects in which she has always gone above and beyond what was required of the job. Even though she works a full time job, Julie has never been to busy to help our in any way she can.  She has constantly put our school and its needs at the top of her priority list. Julie has demonstrated through good example, that a good education is one of the most important things in life and she is willing to work hard to endure that the students at Whipple receive the help and support they need. PTO President, PTO Treasurer, along with being the chairman of various PTO committees, Julie Kernan does them all and with ease. Her honesty, integrity and caring attitude are an inspiration to everyone around her. Julie Kernan is a special person who has helped make Whipple Heights “A Great Place to Learn.” Thank you Julie, you truly are a Person of Character and we salute you.

Elizabeth Merritt (Pfeiffer Middle School) is Pfeiffer Middle School’s Person of Character. Though Liz is responsible for Pfeiffer’s most at risk student populations, she comes to school daily with a smile on her face. Liz is extremely passionate, compassionate, and caring for each of the students in her classroom. Liz works tirelessly to be the best that she can be and is always looking for ways to improve for her students. Liz recognized that there were many students with basic needs at Pfeiffer and developed a clothes closet the is run by Liz and the students in her ED unit. In the past year, the clothes closet has grown to help students of need in all the Perry Local Schools. The clothes closet not only helps students with basic school clothes, but now offers prom and homecoming dresses for girls, suits and dress clothes for the boys, school supplies, food and much more. Liz exemplifies the six pillars that describe a Person of Character. She is well respected by the students, staff and administration at Pfeiffer Middle School. It is Pfeiffer’s great pleasure to recognize Liz Merritt as the Person of Character for our school.

Dalene Street (Edison Junior High School) is a dedicated 9th grade teacher who is reliable, trustworthy and caring to the students and staff. She is an excellent role model for the students while she advised Positive Action Kids (PAK). Through this program, she sponsors a fund-raising activity to buy Christmas presents for those students with economic needs. She also advises the toy drive at Christmas time. On Christmas Eve, Dalene and her brother, who dresses as Santa, deliver the presents to children’s homes.  She is a Junior Teen Institute advisor, which helps students develop skits to perform to the elementary students. She coordinated the end of the year Cedar Point trip and comes to school everyday with a smile and positive outlook on life for her students and fellow staff members. It is an honor and privilege to recommend Dalene Street as a Person of Character.

Pat Murray (Perry High School) has voluntarily dedicated close to 30 years as Perry Local Schools Adult Booster Club President. In those 30 years, she has helped raise more than a million dollars for both academic and extracurricular activities for the children of Perry. In her tenure, Pat has endured many personal challenges, but not once has she ever wavered in her dedication and commitment. She is a living representation of the Six Pillars of Character, and has served as a role model for all. Witnessing her unselfish giving of time and energy, reminds all what it meant to be an extraordinary citizen.