Perry High School Senior, Jaime Weinfeld, received highest recognitions at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, Blue Lake, Michigan, this summer.
Her first recognition was for a charcoal drawing selected out of over 500 pieces of artwork. Jaime’s charcoal drawing received the “Art Acquisition Award,” a $500 scholarship awarded to only one camper per session. There are three sessions per summer with approximately 120 campers in the visual arts major. Jaime’s art piece is now permanently housed in the Art Museum’s Collection, and will be shown in traveling Blue Lake Art Shows in other cities around the country.
Jaime’s talent in baton twirling earned her the “opening act” position in the summer camp talent show.  Only nine students out of the hundreds that auditioned were selected to entertain and dazzle their 1500 co-campers in the beautiful Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp Amphitheatre known as the “Shell”.  A standing ovation at the end of the twirling routine took Jaime completely by surprise!
Approximately 60 Blue Lake campers applied and interviewed for the opportunity to be a part of next year’s Blue Lake Fine Arts International Exchange Program. Jaime was picked and offered the opportunity to tour Europe, in the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp first ever ‘Visual Arts’ exchange entourage. Students are chosen based on their ability to be an ambassador for the camp and United States, their maturity level, desire to share knowledge with others, and passion for the art form in which they have demonstrated talent.
Jaime is continuing her love of art as she pursues an Art Major at Kent State University (Stark Campus) concurrent with her senior year at Perry High School, through the Post Secondary Enrollment Option offered at Perry Local Schools.

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