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Panther Paw Cafe

Mr. Pfeiffer’s students are proud to introduce “The Panther Paw Café” to the Perry Local School District.  The Panther Paw Café is a student-operated ‘coffee shop’ which students are taught school-to-work skills. This allows them to interact with real customers, money and actual on-the-job scenarios.  For the last few weeks of school, the students served the staff at Perry High School regular and decaf coffee.  Within the next few years, the business is expected to reach out to other staff in the district as well as the student body.  A variety of jobs are given to students on a daily basis.  Jobs include being a greeter, cashier, server, re-stocker and more.  Along with these jobs, checklists are used to evaluate student progress.  Students are enjoying every minute of their opportunity to participate in The Panther Paw Café.

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