Perry Honors Top 25 Students

Top 25On Thursday, April 21st Perry High School celebrated their 24th annual Top 25 Banquet at AA Executive Events in Massillon. Congratulations to Perry’s 2016 Top 25 students and teachers. Below is a brief history of how Perry’s Top 25 Banquet came to be. 

In 1988, High School Principal, Mr. Bill Roland, and Gifted Education Coordinator, Mrs. Mona Reuscher, borrowed the Top 25 concept from Alliance High School and co-chaired the very first Perry Top 25 Banquet in the spring of 1989. Unfortunately, after 12 years without any tax request, the voters turned down a levy in November of 1989, and the Top 25 Banquet was “put on hold” indefinitely. The levy passed in May of 1991 and Gifted Education Coordinator, Mrs. Donna Bishop, found an old Top 25 program in Mrs. Reuscher’s files. Mr. Roland had initiated a program recognizing student efforts and achievement called Renaissance. Mrs. Bishop approached him with the idea of giving the “Old Top 25 Banquet a Renaissance,” and the idea was enthusiastically embraced. The second Top 25 Banquet was held in the spring of 1993 at Brookside Country Club and was chaired by Mr. Roland, Mrs. Bishop and Mr. Rohrer, the Guidance Department Chair Person. Louie Mattachione has brilliantly served as our Master of Ceremonies for each and every banquet ever since.
Today this Perry tradition lives on thanks to the continued leadership of Perry Classroom Teachers’ Association and the Perry High School Administration.This program inspires all of us to be the best educator possible. It is the words spoken by the students that teach us what being a teacher is all about—it is all about giving. Click here to view the 2016 Perry Top 25 Banquet program.

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