Pfeiffer Intermediate School Promotes Student Social-Emotional-Academic Growth

image002Two times each month, the fifth and sixth-grade students of Pfeiffer Intermediate School participate in STAR (Stand-Up Treat All Respectfully) class meetings.

Pfeiffer launched the STAR program to focus on promoting the social, emotional and academic growth of its students, as part of Stark Speaks-Up for Kindness Initiative, to create a safe and kind school culture. 

During the class meetings, students learn about having good character and treating others with respect. Each month, Pfeiffer focuses on a theme and teachers implement building-wide common lessons and activities to develop a connection to each other and the community.

Most recently, one of the activities involved the students participating in a grocery bag initiative. As part of a partnership with Fisher Foods in Canton, the students decorated grocery bags with positive messages of encouragement, kindness, and joy to make a difference in someone’s day. Once the bags were complete, Fisher Foods used them to bag up their customers’ groceries.

“The students enjoyed seeing the positive impact the bags had in the community last year and were excited to decorate the bags again,” said Bill Hildebrand, Pfeiffer Intermediate School’s principal. “The goal of our community connection projects is to illustrate to the students that there is a world beyond the walls of Pfeiffer and they can help to positively impact the community. I’m proud of the students for embracing the STAR program and exemplifying kindness and appreciation both at Pfeiffer and in the community.”

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