Curriculum Compacting

Curriculum compacting is a method where students demonstrate mastery in certain curricular areas, skip instructional activities in those areas, and move on to more challenging activities offering either acceleration or enrichment of the content.  This compacting can be curriculum compacting (streamline the grade level curriculum), basic skill compacting (pretest easy skills to move onto mastery level), or content compacting (already know objectives or can complete much more quickly than other students.)

Six Steps to implement compacting.

1.  Identify the essential understandings or targets for unit of study.

2.  Identify students who may benefit from compacting and pre-assess on the identified targets.

3.  Eliminate practice, drill or instructional time for students who show mastery.

4.  Streamline instruction on targets not mastered but could be mastered more quickly.

5.  Offer enrichment or acceleration options.

6.  Keep records of activities/instructional options for the compacting participants.


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