Edison Students Showcase Artwork At Sippo Library

photo (1)The following students have their artwork displayed at the Sippo Library for the months of November and December.  Congratulations to them! (Students pictured in no particular order are: Serena McCaulley, Madelyn Bartolone, Gavin Hill, Nathan Moore, Madison Reidl, Madison Tipple, Ashley Wooton, Rachelle Putnam, Jacob Newhouser, Tristan Mudge, Gavin Cushman, Christian Burkhardt, Christian McLain, Emily Rodriguez, Kyla Matheson, Mackenzie Spehar, Nathan Talafous, Josh Lupi, Hallie Fink, Samantha Thorpe, Jonathan Squire, Jake Henderson, Jace Edwards, Gracie Kelley, Kayla Wilson, Gavin Loucks, Payton Lutz, and Jimmy Zheng)