Edison’s Saturday School Launch Date: October 11th

calendar-saturdayAs a result of our constant pursuit to improve student work habits and achievement, Edison Middle School is preparing to launch its latest intervention—Saturday School. Saturday School will be made available to students who must catch up on late, missing, or substandard work as a  result of poor work habits, illness, or attendance problems. 

The following criteria may place a student in Saturday School:

  • Four (4) or more Homework Detentions per class/per grading period
  • Six (6) or more Missing Assignments across all classes per  grading period

Perry’s Attendance Policy:  

  • At 5 absences students have the option to make up time to avoid further attendance consequences.
  • Any student who has met or exceeded the 15 excused days (not including ORC approved days) shall be given the opportunity for Saturday school to avoid additional truancy charges.  Two Saturdays  (4 hours per day) equals one official school day.

Parents and students will be notified by the school if a student is expected to attend Saturday School. Students will be required to attend Saturday School from 8:00am to 12:00pm.  Transportation is not provided by the school. If the student’s work is not satisfactorily completed according to his or her teacher’s expectations by the Wednesday before the next scheduled Saturday School date, he/she will be required to attend subsequent Saturday sessions until the work is properly completed.

 Please understand that we do not want students to have to come to school on Saturday, but realize that their success is important to everyone involved in their life. Perhaps Saturday School can be a key to their achievement. Thank you for your support!