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October 2017 Character Award Winners

Teachers from each community select two to three students who have demonstrated outstanding character traits each month. Chosen students are recognized as role models in our school. Their pictures and awards are posted on a hall bulletin board, and they are given a window sign to be displayed at home that shows they were selected as a Character Award winner.   Click here to see why each student was selected this month. Congratulations to our recognized students, you should be proud! 

October 2017 Character Award Winners

Hannah Etheridge
Brooklyn Dalton
Cooper Reed
Haley Tucker
Grace Brown
James Sutherland
Jenna Mercier
Ava Turkal
Dominick Jenkins
Nathan Pomesky
Joey Riley
Colin Tynan
Gabrielle Marcinik
Brooke Kirkbride
Aleks Martinez
Logan North
Lauren Gayheart
Bella Gonder