Akron Children’s Hospital Art Collection

Akron Children artCongratulations to the following Edison students who had artwork selected by Akron Children’s Hospital as part of the community collection which began back in 1993 and now has over 3,200 pieces.  Their artwork will be displayed at one of The Art Children’s locations with a small excerpt about them and how they developed their artwork.
Congratulations to::
Haley Mendiola
Isabella Schweizer-Ruiz
Miguel Roebuck
Ryan Yelicheck
Jasmine Frantz
Kylie Balash
Alexis Gilbert-Tucker
Rebecca Hall
Daniel Secrest
Peyton Fisher
Semise Nyeste
Victoria Gonder
Jenna Grim
Natalie Ullum
Abbie Friedrichsen
Ava Heestand
Jade Lopez