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3rd Quarter Honor & Merit Roll Students

honor_rollEdison Middle School is proud to announce students qualifying for the third-quarter honor roll and merit roll. To be listed on the honor roll, a student must have a 3.5 – 4.00 grade-point average. To be listed on the merit roll, a student must have a 3.00 – 3.49 grade-point average. Congratulations to all students who earned this academic recognition.

Grade 7 Honor Roll – 3rd Grading Period (2017-2018)
Grade 7 Merit Roll – 3rd Grading Period (2017-2018)
Grade 8 Honor Roll – 3rd Grading Period (2017-2018)
Grade 8 Merit Roll – 3rd Grading Period (2017-2018)

8th-Grade Cedar Point Opportunity

8th-grade students will have the option of going to Cedar Point as a reward for the 4th 9 weeks Opportunity Day on May 30th.  The cost of the trip is $75 which includes a ticket, charter bus ride, and drink bracelet.  Students must meet all requirements outlined on the permission slip in order to attend.  Permission slips and money must be turned in by April 27th to guarantee a place on the trip. Please see attached permission slip for complete details.

2018 8th-grade Cedar Point Trip

Screenagers: Growing up in the Digital Age – Tuesday, April 24th

TomTod Ideas and the Palace Theatre are at it again… partnering to bring Screenagers, a timely and informational documentary to Canton. The film discusses how “screen time” is affecting our children, and what we can do about it. After the screening will be a Q&A with a panel of amazing, student-minded community leaders. At a time when many of us parents are concerned with the social, moral, and emotional impact that technology has on our kids, this film really speaks volumes. I hope interested parents will consider attending the screening along with their children… it will be a great jumping off point for some meaningful discussions and self-reflection for everyone!

Click here for more details on the exciting opportunity.