Latest News for Genoa Elementary

Genoa Elementary Blizzard Bag Information

I hope you received a call from Superintendent Bowe last week regarding Blizzard Bags.  As you may be aware, we are eligible to recoup 3 days of missed school days due to snow/cold days by using Blizzard Bags.  You can access Blizzard Bag activities on our webpage ( or a hard copy can be sent home to you.

Students are required to complete math and reading assignments for their grade level for each blizzard day.  Students are required to complete an assignment for science, social studies, or writing for each blizzard day.  They are required to choose one specials’ assignment (more…)

Manager for a Day Opportunity

softball-ball-217Our 2014 Perry High School team wants to give girls in grades 1st through 5th the opportunity to be the team manager for one of the 2014 home games. As manager you will help the team in pre-game warm ups, hand the score card to the umpire before the game and sit in the dugout for the entire game!  Please fill out the completed form and return it to your school office before March 17, 2014. Please contact Coach Mertes (330) 309-9951 or Head Coach Alison Heppe at if you have any questions. Click here for an application to be manager for a day.

Bus Stop Safety Reminders

busstopsafetyIt’s important to remind our students that when they are waiting at the bus stop, they should wait with someone and not be alone. As they are walking home from the bus stop, we encourage them to walk in groups so they are not alone. Students should never get into a car with someone they don’t know and they should always report any suspicious activity to an adult.  We want to keep our students safe and are asking for your help in talking with your children about these important bus stop safety reminders.