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Booster Club Meeting Minutes

Perry Girls Basketball Booster Club Meeting Minutes 02/03/15

IN ATTENDANCE: Becky Morosko, Jennifer Rohr, Melissa Wise, Julie Smith, Brian St. Jean & Sam St. Jean


Expense Report

Discussed Senior Night – Saturday February 14th  (at McKinley Eagles)

Becky Morosko is responsible for the decorations

Melissa Wise is responsible for the Arc (balloons)

Sam & Brian St. Jean are responsible for flowers for seniors, other team’s seniors’ and for the senior parents

Each senior will make their own picture tri-fold to display

Night @ the Races- Booked for April 4th  

Brian will contact Copy Cat to print tickets / contact MR. Mikes

Becky & Melissa will try to get each girls team to donate a basket to raffle

Becky will order the Racing DVD

Ticket prices are $30.00 for a single & $55.00 a couple

                                                          WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!!!!

Mr.  Roth attended the January 26th Adult Booster Club meeting but it was cancelled due to weather

Brian Needs someone to Attend the March 2nd Adult Booster Club meeting


Still need to plan a night for the girls to make the seniors’ scrapbooks

Banquet- looking at the week of March 9th or 16th (at McKinley Eagles)

We need to decide what to do with the team banner

Look in to Nom Nom Popcorn Company Fundraiser

Next Meeting 03-03-15 7:00-8:00 at Perry High school AV-200


Perry Girls Basketball Booster Meeting Minutes 01/06/2015

IN ATTENDANCE: Becky Morosko, Brian St.Jean, & Jim Roth


Still collecting for merchant packs

We received permission from the boys to use the hot dog roller in the concession stand

We are still waiting for an invoice for the girls’ basketball shoes

Everything purchased this year for the team; uniforms, warm-ups, bags, and travel suits, will have a 2 year cycle


Expense Report

Need Volunteers for Senior Night, plan on doing at game against Gilmour Academy February 14th

Hall booked for Night @ the Races April 4th

Adult Booster Club Meeting January 26 AV200 @ 7:00 pm. Jim Roth volunteered to attend


Need volunteers for senior scrapbook- scrapbooks need to be finished before the banquet

Next Meeting 02-03-15 7:00-8:00 Perry Highschool Room AV-200


Perry Girls Basketball Booster Club Meeting Minutes 12/02/14


In attendance: Brian St.Jean, Sam St. Jean, Denise Cozzoli,Becky Morosko ,Jeff Couto,Julie Smith, Melissa Wise, Julie Roth, Christine Heritt & Bob Pieru

Expense Report

Christine Herritt prepared and passed out a financial report with Current balance, deposits & withdrawals and upcoming expenses.


A design was chosen. The t-shirts are being made now and we should have them for Meet the Team night. We have 2 different color shirts. White shirts, which will be handed out to the seventh through Varsity basketball teams at meet the team night & gray shirts that we will sell.  Brian is still looking into having a white-out night were you could purchase a white t-shirt and get into a game free. No final decision has been made as of yet.

An order form is available to order t-shirts/long sleeve shirts & hoodies that can be custom made with your daughters number & name. These will be handed out at meet the team night. If you get your order in by the 16th you could have them by Christmas. These would make great presents for family members to wear when they come out to support our girl at the games.

Banners Basketball Picture/Senior

Basketball picture have been taken and the orders passed out to the girls. The banners are in and we plan to hang them in the gym ASAP If you go to www.collages.net you can view picture of your daughters in action. Woods Photography takes photos of the basketball games for you  to view & purchase on their website.

Username: PHS Winter 2014

Password: 782


The Fundraising cards have been received and passed out to some of the girls to sell. If your daughter did not receive hers yet, they will be in an information packet that we plan to hand out at meet the team night.  Basketball shoes cost $100.00 this year. The booster club will take  $50.00 off the price if the girls sell five cards. Any additional cards sold will be used to replenish the account for the purchase of the cards and for items recently purchased for the girls.

Bob will call The Eagles to see what dates are available for a night @ the races.

Thank you for those who donated blood at the High school, the booster club will receive a check for $200.00.


The JV/Varsity girls have received their travel suits and bags. These suits and bags will be used next year so we will not have to repurchase new ones until the 2016/2017 basketball season.

Warm-ups shirts for JV/Varsity will be in soon. The girls have the option of buying their  warm-up shirt or turning them  in at the end of the season with their uniforms. If the girls would like to keep them, the cost is $40.00.

The booster club purchased shirt for the seventh, eighth, freshman, JV & Varsity Coaches.

Basketball shoes are in and each girl’s cost is $100.00.

Feed the Team

We will need all the JV/Varsity parents to help for at least one of these games.  You can pair up with other parents to help since we have 16 players and only five games that we will need to feed the team.  More information will be passed out at Meet the Team night.

Wesenday 12-10                    Monday 01-05                                    Wenesday 02-04

Wesenday 12-17                    Momnday 01-26

Meet the Team

Meet the team will be Friday, December 5th7:30-10:30.  The night will start by introducing the youth up to the varsity level players. Skill sets and contest will also be set up for the girls to participate in. There will be items to purchase such as t-shirts, fundraising cards, pizza, snow cones, cotton candy & more.

Hope to see you there!!!

Next meeting 01-06-2015  7:00-8:00 p.m.  @ Perry High school Room AV-200

Perry Girls Basketball Booster Club Meeting Minutes 11/04/14

In attendance: Brian St.Jean,Sam St. Jean, Denise Cozzoli,Becky Morosko ,Jeff Couto,Jennifer Rohr, Melissa Wise, Julie Roth, & Bob Pieru

New Officer

The prior Vice President of the booster club stepped down. Melissa Wise was nominated and voted in as the new Vice President.

Congratulations & Welcome aboard!!!


Brian St. Jean is working With Perry Tanning to finalize the t-shirt design.


The fundraising cards will be ready soon and handed out to the girls to sell.  The night @ the races will possibly be in March with a ST.  Patty’s day theme. We have not yet committed to a date.

Pictures/Senior Banners

A date is set for 11/15/14 @ 10.00 a.m. for pictures to be taken. This time conflicts with our schedule due to a scrimmage. Brian will reschedule.

Feed the Team

Becky Morosko & Melissa Wise will work together to set up feed the team for away games during the school week.

Next meeting 12-02-2014  7:00-8:00 p.m.  @ Perry High school Room AV-200

Perry Girls Basketball Booster Club Meeting Minutes 09/07/14

In attendance: Brian St.Jean,Denise Cozzoli,Becky Morosko & Jeff Couto

Hudl Av equipment has been purchased.

The Varsity Girls will be attending the Baldwin Wallace scrimmage.

The Perry Girls Booster Club will donate $100.00 to the Stark County Exceptional Olympics.


All the girls in the basketball program starting from 7th grade up to Varsity  will receive a t-shirt at meet the team night. Have not yet decided on a design.


Fundraising cards will be ready soon.  The girls would purchase the cards for $10.00 a piece and then be responsible for selling the required amount. Each player would be responsible for buying/selling 3-5 cards.

Don’t forget to tell your family & friends ~ Aultman will be at the High school on Sunday, November 9th form 12:00 -4:00 p.m. The booster club will receive money for your donation of blood.

We may have another business sponsor. Brian will keep us updated.

Pictures/ Senior Banner

Brian has received a couple quotes for banners and pictures. The booster club will probably be going with Wood Photography. We are still deciding on the size of the senior banners.  This will depend where we are able to hang the banners in the gym.


Travel suits and Bags for JV/Varsity will be purchased from Regos for 2,400.00 (ballpark figure). The Coach is still looking into shoes for the players.

Volunteers needed

Night @ the Races (in February) we need a couple volunteers to help put this event together, as well as volunteers for the night of the event.

Senior Scrapbook ~ we need a volunteer(s) to help coordinate this event.

Feed the team ~ we will need a volunteer(s) to arrange and deliver the food.

Next meeting 11-04-2014 7:00-8:00 p.m.  @ Perry High school Room AV-200

Perry Girls Basketball Booster Club Meeting Minutes 09/07/14

In Attendance: Brian ST.Jean, Sam ST. Jean, Becky Morosko, Jeff Couto,  Melissa Wise, Jason Wise &  Denise Cozzoli


A BIG THANK YOU to all the girls and the parents who helped at the car wash or donated supplies.

With your help the team raised $1.020.00 minus expenses of $89.59 for supplies & Pizza.

Fundraising discount cards

The cards would offer discounts from local food and retail stores. The cards would sell for $10.00 a piece.

We are still deciding which food and retail stores to add to the cards and how many each girl will be required to sell.

Night at the Races

We need volunteers so we can form a committee and start planning this event. If you are interested, please contact the booster club.

Pictures & Banners

We have not set a date for team pictures.

We want the seniors to get their pictures taken for the Banners. We are waiting to hear back from Scott to see what type of banners we can put in the gym.


The freshman will be using the JV/Varsity uniforms that were purchased last year. The jv/varisty uniforms for this year are in.

We would like to get the girls matching warm-up, bags and shoes. We are still pricing these items. Coach will call and get some prices.


We are still working on a design.

Concession stand

We are no longer allowed to have the girls bring in cases of pop for the concession stand. The Pepsi Company provides and maintains the coolers that we use. We can order our beverages through Jim from the Pepsi Company. Instead of the girls donating a case of pop as they normally do, we will have each of them donate $5.00- $10.00  towards the purchase of the pop.


We need some volunteers to help with the banquet and some volunteers to help organize the senior scrapbooks. If you are interested, please contact the booster club.

Feed the Team

Should we continue feeding the team like we have in the past or should we start having subway provide the girls dinner before their away games? We are still pricing out the options.

Hudl AV equipment

For $700.00 the team would get ipad mini, case, tripod and lenses. We could use this to tape the girls while they play. The playtime could be sent to collages verses colleges coming to us. The girls would get more exposure. The girls could also log in from home and watch the videos. We are still looking into all the details.

Next Meeting October 7, 2014 @7:00 pm. Perry High school Room AV-200


                                                Perry Girls Basketball Booster Meeting Minutes August 5, 2014

Congratulation to our Lady Panthers for their win in Olentangy!!!

In Attendance: Becky Morosko, Julie Smith, Samantha St. Jean, Brian St. Jean, Jen Rohr, Christine Herritt, Coach Couto & Paul Hervey.

  •  • Jen Rohr called the meeting to order.
  • • A suggestion was brought up that our carwash should be located at a business in PerryTownship. Since we already locked in a date & the event is to take place soon, we decided to hold the carwash at the original spot, Busy Beaver located on Whipple Ave. The car wash is scheduled to take place Saturday, August 23, from 10-4. Samantha will speak with Mr. & Mrs. Hall to work out any last minute details. We have not designated shifts yet because we do not know all that are attending.
  •  T-shirts ~ Once we have a decided on a design, we will order this year’s T-shirts. Our goal is to have them for this year’s Kick-off. Jen Rohr is looking into the design & Coach Couto came up with a slogan.
  •  • The Perry Girls Basketball Booster Club wants to become more involved with the Adult Booster Club. All officers of the Girls Basketball Booster Club will take turns attending the Adult Booster Club meetings. The first meeting of the year will be held at PerryHigh school August 25th at 7:00pm. Julie Smith & Becky Morosko will attend this meeting.

  Next meeting will be September 9th Tuesday at 7:00. Meeting place TBA.            

Perry Girls Basketball Booster Meeting Minutes 07/08/2014

In Attendance: Brian St. Jean, Jen Rohr, Becky Morosko, Julie Smith, Christine Herritt, Samantha Murphy and Bob Pireu.

  • Coach Couto stopped in to introduce himself and answer any questions that the parents in attendance had about himself and what his plans are for the   upcoming season.
  • Meeting was called to order by Brian St. Jean
  • Christine Herritt prepared and passed out a financial report with Current balance, deposits & withdrawals and upcoming expenses since last month’s report.
  • Brian St. Jean was able to get Massillon Cable to sponsor the girls.
  • Discussed developing a yearly budget.
  • Car Wash Fundraiser will take place Saturday August 23rd at Busy Beaver on Whipple Ave.  Would like to have both the middle school and the high school girls participate. Once we know who is participating we will make a time range and schedule. We would like to mix up the girls by age so the younger girls and older girls can get to know one another.
  • Discussed and agreed to have our Night at the Races in the beginning of January. This would give us time to focus on our Kick-off to the season and give us time to sell tickets. No themes have been decided on.
  • Would like to get the youth and middle school basketball girls & families more involved with the booster meetings & activities.
  • Discussed ways to get more people to attend the games.
  • Discussed and agreed to Kick-off the start of the girls’ basketball season with a Meet the Team event. We would like to have the event the day of our first scrimmage since we will already have access to the gym. Jen Rohr and Becky Morosko will be putting this event together.
  • We discussed and agreed to sell t-shirts again this year. Julie Smith will be looking into pricing. We would like the coach and the team to pick a design or saying that they would like to have on the t-shirts. Talked about the possibility of putting sponsors on the back of the t-shirts. May not have enough time to put together before t-shirts need to be ordered. We would like to have the t-shirts for our Kick-off/Meet the team event.
  • Discussed items that need to be purchased/donated for the concession stand. Would like to get a hot pretzel rack, popcorn machine and a hot dog turner.
  • Discussed purchasing the girls matching warm-ups and bags.
  • Coach Bob is looking into Hotel Prices for next weekends (July 19-20) Shoot-out for Olentangy.

Next meeting is August 5th, 2014 @ 7:00 at Brian St. Jeans house

Perry Girls Basketball Booster Club Meeting Minutes 06/04/201

In Attendance: Brian St.Jean, Jen Rohr, Becky Morosko, Christine Herritt, Bill Hall & Joan Hall.

  •  Meeting called to order by Brian St. Jean
  •  Treasures Report prepared & handed out by Christine Heritt
  •  Discussed Fundraiser options
  •  Plan to do a night @ the races. Date TBA
  •  Car Wash at Busy Beaver on Whipple Ave. Bill Hall will look into and see what dates are   available
  •  Discussed budget for summer shoot-outs
  • Olentangy shoot-out for Varsity girls is July 19th-20th. Coach Sternberg and Coach Bob are looking into the cost of hotel rooms for the girls to stay the night since the shoot-out is 2 days.
  • Next Meeting is July, 8th 2014 7:00 at Brian St. Jean’s house