Financial Accounting

Get ready for some MMA–Mixed Martial Accounting! Enter the octagon!

  • Mon: AQ&T for 3.1 will be completed on paper, 3.1WT and OYO done during class.
  • Tues: 3.2AQ&T due, watch as we complete 3.2WT and OYO.
  • Wed: 3.3AQ&T done on paper, in-class work is 3.2WT and OYO.
  • Thurs-Fri: 3.4 AQ&T with 3.4 WT and OYO

Week of Sept 19 (Goal: analyze transactions correctly into their DR and CR parts)

  • Mon: grading appl probs, complete pgs 19-22 (study guide) of your WP as I continue grading AP.
  • Tues: review for test, bring WP.
  • Wed: practice test
  • Thurs: test, bring WP.
  • Fri: review

Week of Sept 12 (Goal: correctly identify the debit and credit sides of an accounting transaction)

  • Mon: complete 2.1oyo and 2.1wt.
  • Tues: 2.3wt and OYO, including AQ&T
  • Wed-Thurs: begin AP at end of chapt. Complete 2.1 through 2M.
  • Fri: grading random appl problems.

Week of Sept 6 (Goal: understand how transactions affect ALOE)

  • Tues: practice test
  • Wed: correct test
  • Thurs-Fri: complete AQ&T for 2.1 and 2.2. Watch closely as we work on the WT problems.

Week of Aug 29 (Goal: keep ALOE in balance with 100% accuracy)

  • Mon-Tues: complete appl. probs 1.1 through 1.4.
  • Tues-Wed: finish appl prob 1M. Finish study guide at beginning of WP.
  • Thurs-Fri: review

Week of Aug 22 (Goal: complete net worth statement with no errors!)

  • Mon-Tues: review expectations and processes
  • Wed: SLO
  • Thurs: distribute chapt 1 papers, review chapt 1 and how instruction occurs in Accounting
  • Fri: complete audit questions and terms for 1.1 on a sheet of paper, watch on chalkboard as we complete 1.1WorkingTogether and 1.1OnYourOwn.


Week of May 16 (Goal: payroll and totals in the register must be correct to the penny!)

  • Mon-Tues: grading application probs.
  • Wed: chapt 12 test. Bring working papers.

Week of May 9 (Goal: payroll must be accurate to the cent!)

  • Mon-Wed: complete 12.2 and 12.3WT and OYO
  • Thur-Fri: grading 12.3OYO, start 12.1 through 12.3 appl probs.

Week of May 2 (Goal: begin to see how small businesses complete their payrolls using tables. We want this exactly correct to the penny!)

  • Mon: chapt 12 will be started. AQ&T for 12.1 should be started. WT done in class.
  • Tues: 12.2WT and OYO due at end of class
  • Wed-Fri: finish 12.3 and 12.4WT and OYO. 12.3 and 12.4OYO will be taken for a grade.

Week of Apr 25 (Goal: use the a/r ledger and cash receipt journal with no errors)

  • Mon-Tues: finish appl probs 10.1–10.4
  • Wed: study guide and grading appl probs
  • Thurs-Fri: chapt 4 test

Week of Apr 18 (Goal: continue working in the specialized journals with complete accuracy)

  • Mon: 10.1WT and OYO will be done in class
  • Tues: 10.2WT and OYO will be illustrated using the smartboard and Excel
  • Wed: work on AQ&T for 10.1–10.3. WT will be done during class.
  • Thurs: 10.3OYO should be completed in class.
  • Fri: 10.4OYO taken for a grade

Week of Apr 11 (Goal: record transactions in the sales journal with 100% accuracy)

  • Mon: SLO
  • Tues: complete AQ&T for 9.1. WT will be done together, OYO is due at end of class.
  • Wed: AQ&T done during class. 9.2WT will be completed first half of class, OYO done during second half.
  • Thurs-Fri: AQ&T for 9.3 should be completed at beginning of class. WT will be done using the smartboard and Excel. Pay attention to this new journal, the cash receipt journal.

Week of Apr 4 (Goal: finalize the a/p ledger and purchases journal with no errors.)

  • Mon: grading 9.5oyo and begin appl probs 9.1 through 9M.
  • Tues-Thurs: grading application problem 9.5 and 9M.

Week of Mar 28 (Goal: finalize the a/p ledger and purchases journal with no errors.)

  • Mon-Tues: 9.4AQ&T done in class, as well as WT. OYO requires great focus.
  • Wed-Thurs: 9.5AQ&T done in class. Pay attention as we complete WT and you complete OYO.
  • Fri: start working on AP9.1 through 9.5.

Week of Mar 14 (Goal: start chapt 9 and make the subsidiary ledgers with 100% accuracy)

  • Mon: final grading of reinf. act.
  • Tues: 9.1 AQ&T completed as well as 9.1WT and OYO.
  • Wed: 9.2 AQ&T
  • Thurs: 9.2WT and OYO.
  • Fri: 9.3AQ&T and WT and OYO will be completed during class.
  • Happy Easter!

Week of March 7 (Goal: complete the accounting cycle project with no errors)

  • Mon-Fri: open book to 238 and WP to 187-191. This reinforcement activity combines an 8-column worksheet (adjusting entries and financial statements), closing entries, and the post-closing trial balance. This is due on Friday.

Week of Feb 29 (Goal: journalize and post the closing entries with no errors)

  • Mon-Tues: complete appl probs 8.1 and 8.2
  • Wed-Thurs: chapt 8 recycle prob
  • Thurs-Fri: chapt 8 test

Week of Feb 22 Goal (Goal: discover some money saving habits you can use as a teenager)

  • Mon-Wed: finish Dave Ramsey chapt 1.
  • Thurs-Fri: section 8.1 and 8.2 audit questions and terms due at end of class. Work together and on your own due on Fri.

Week of Feb 17 (Goal: begin to understand what is personal finance)

  • Wed-Fri: we will start the Dave Ramsey personal finance using the red textbooks. Watch the videos and complete the questions during the videos. Remember, personal financial success is 20% knowledge and 80% behavior.

Week of Feb 8 (Goal: determine net income and financial ratios with full accuracy and make the balance sheet with no errors)

  • Mon: finish appl probs 7.1, 7.2, and 7m.
  • Tues: study guide
  • Wed: test
  • Thurs-Fri: Dave Ramsey personal finance

Week of Feb 1 (Goal: accurately determine net income and make a balance sheet with no errors)

  • Mon: study guide chapt 6
  • Tues: test for chapt 6
  • Wed: 7.1WT and OYO with aud. questions
  • Thurs: 7.2WT and OYO with aud. questions
  • Fri: start appl problems at end of chapt.

Week of Jan 25 (Goal: make the 8 columns worksheets with no errors)

  • Each day we will make an 8-column worksheet. The goal is to find net income accurately and show columns 1-2 and 3-4 balance. Then, columns 5-6 balance and 7-8 balance after we add net income to the bottom of columns 5 and 8.

Week of Jan 19 (Goal: 6m should be 100% correct)

  • Mon-Tues: complete AP6.1 through 6.4. 6M will be taken for a grade.
  • Wed-Fri: practice tests each day, be prepared to make an 8-column worksheet each day and determine net income correctly.

Week of Jan 11 (Goal: make every 8-column worksheet with 0 errors)

  • Mon: start application problems at back of chapter 6. Complete 6.1 through 6.3 and they are due on Wed.
  • Tues: mid-term exam, bring WP.
  • Wed: keep working on appl. problems.
  • Thurs-Fri: practice tests.

Week of Jan 4 (Goal: make an 8-column worksheet with no errors)

  • Mon: AQT for 6.1, watch as we complete the first 2 columns of the 8-col. worksheet on pg 129 of the WP.
  • Tues: 6.2 terms, columns 3-4 of the worksheet on 129.
  • Wed: 6.3 terms, columns 5-6 of pg 129.
  • Thurs: 6.4 terms, columns 7-8 of pg 129.
  • Fri: grading columns 1-4 and 5-8 of pg 130.

Week of Dec 14 (Goal: finish the reinf. activity with no errors)

  • Mon: grading general journal
  • Tues: grading the reconciliation stmt
  • Wed-Thus: various ledger accounts will be checked for accuracy
  • Have a great Christmas Break!

Week of Dec 7 (Goal: combine journalizing in a GJ, posting to a GL, and balancing a checking account all with 0 errors)

  • Mon-Thurs: look at reinforcement activity on pg 153-155 of the text. Get working papers and complete this so various parts can be graded on Friday. You should have about 1/2 of it done by Friday, 12/11.

Week of Dec 3 (Goal: balance a checking account with no errors and write the checks with full accuracy)

  • Tues: finish 5c
  • Wed: 5m
  • Thurs: write checks!

Week of Nov 23 (Goal: balance checking accounts with perfection!)

  • Mon: finish 5c so it can be graded today or tomorrow.
  • Tues: start 5m.
  • Wed: Happy Thanksgiving break!

Week of Nov 16 (Goal: balance a business checking account with no errors)

  • Mon-Tues: AQ&T for 5.3 should be completed, watch on smartboard as we balance a checking account for a business
  • Wed-Thurs: AQ&T for 5.4 done in class, as well as 5.4WT. 5.4OYO should be completed in class.
  • Fri: start application problems, completing 5.1 all the way through 5c. I will assist with 5c.

Week of Nov 9 (Goal: write checks with 100% accuracy. Items must be correct to the penny!)

  • Mon: AQ&T for 5.1 go on a sheet of paper. Let’s complete 5.1WT and OYO today.
  • Tues-Wed: AQ&T for 5.2 need completed. Watch on board as we complete 5.2WT. You need a great focus today!
  • Thurs: 5.2OYO due at end of class for a grade. We have to be accurate all the way down to the cent!

Week of Nov 2 (Goal: post to the GL with total accuracy!)

  • Mon: study guide
  • Tues-Wed: test and you should bring your working papers
  • Thurs: guest speaker from Northwood Univ.

Week of Oct 26 (Goal: post with no errors)

  • Mon: complete appl prob 4m for a grade.
  • Tues-Wed: finish 4c for a grade. 4c is not a lengthy as 4m.
  • Thurs-Fri: 4s is due by end of class on Friday; 4s has source documents and you have to determine the transaction.

Week of Oct. 19 (Goal: continue posting to the GL with complete accuracy)

  • Mon: 4.3AQ&T should be completed on the same sheet of paper as the others. Look at board for quick summary
  • Tues-Wed: complete appl probs 4.2.
  • Thurs: pay attention, last day of the grading period. If work needs completed, I will let you know.

Week of Oct. 13 (Goal: post to the GL with 100% accuracy. Account balance must be correct)

  • Tues: test on chapt 3
  • Wed: complete AQ&T for 4.1, watch on board as we complete WT and OYO.
  • Thurs-Fri: finish AQ&T for 4.2, pay attention as we work on WT and OYO.

Week of Oct 5 (Goal: journalize transactions with no errors)

  • Mon-Wed: complete appl. probs at back of chapt 3. Complete thorugh 3m. We work on source documents together on Thurs.
  • Fri: study guide

Week of Sept 29 (Goal: correctly enter DRs and CRs with no errors in the General Journal. We do not use t-charts, only actual accounting journals.)

  • Mon: AQ&T for 3.1, watch on board as we complete 3.1wt and 3.1oyo.
  • Tues: 3.2AQ&T, watch on board for WT and OYO.
  • Wed: 3.3 questions and terms, we will use smart board for the WT transactions.
  • Thurs: guest speaker from PTI
  • Fri: 3.4AQ&T and WT and OYO.

Week of Sept 21 (Goal: use t-charts with no errors when entering DRs and CRs)

  • Mon: quiz 2
  • Tues: recycle prob
  • Wed: finish study guide
  • Thurs-Fri: test. Bring working papers.

Week of Sept 14 (Goal: continue entering DRs and CRs into t-charts with 0 errors)

  • Mon: 2.3 AQ&T should be added to the other AQ&T. We will complete 2.3WT and OYO during class.
  • Tues-Wed: finish appl probs 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, and 2m.
  • Thurs: quiz

Week of Sept 8 (Goal: learn how to accurately put a transaction into debit and credit parts using a t-chart)

  • Tues-Wed: test on chapt 1. Some will have to make corrections.
  • Wed-Thurs: complete audit questions and terms for 2.1 on a sheet of paper. We will cover WT and OYO as a class.
  • Thurs-Fri: add the 2.2 audit questions and terms to the 2.1 AQ&T. Watch closely as we work on WT and OYO using the chalkboard.

Week of Aug 31 (Goal: keep the accounting equation in balance after each transaction…A=L+OE)

  • Mon-Tues: turn in audit questions and terms. Appl prob 1-m mastery will be taken for a grade.
  • Tues-Wed: in-class work practicing transactions and keeping the accounting equation in balance.
  • Thurs: practice test
  • Fri: chapt 1 test

Week of Aug 24 (Goal: memorize the accounting equation: assets= liab + owner’s equity)

  • Mon-Tues: finish 1.1oyo. Begin aud quest and terms for 1.2. We will complete 1.2wt and oyo as a class. Complete appl probs 1.1 and 1.2.
  • Wed-Fri: aud quest and terms for 1.3 will be collected on Fri. We will complete 1.3wt on Wed, you will complete 1.3oyo and appl probs 1.3, 1.4, and 1-m these days.

Week of Aug 17 (Goal: simply define the word “accounting.)

  • Wed-Thurs: find your seat, complete interest inventory.
  • Fri: complete audit questions and terms for 1.1 We will also make a net worth statement for an individual on WT1.1 and OYO1.1 using the chalkboard.


Week of May 4 (Goal: complete payroll with zero errors!)

  • Mon-Wed: application problems 13.1-13.6 due Wed. Too many opportunities for errors so pay attention to Federal taxes!
  • Thurs-Fri: test

Week of Apr 27 (Goal: accurately make paychecks for employees. No errors on these!)

  • Mon-Tues: 13.1 audit questions and terms, we will do 13.1wt in class.
  • Tues-Wed: 13.2 and 13.3 AQ&T and working together during class time.
  • Thurs-Fri: finish 13.3oyo and 13.4oyo for grades. Pay attention. We will use the overhead projector, too.

Week of Apr 20 (Goal: complete mastery 11.4 appl prob with zero errors. All journals must be 100% correct.)

  • Mon-Tues: finish 11.4 mastery.
  • Wed-Thurs: chapt 11 test
  • Fri: bring Dave Ramsey books! Start chapt 4!

Week of Apr 13 (Goal: use a cash receipt journal and sales journal with zero errors…they must balance.)

  • Mon: Dave Ram$ey chapt 3 test
  • Tues: 11.1wt and oyo with audit questions and terms
  • Wed: 11.2wt and oyo with questions and terms
  • Thurs-Fri: appl probs 11.1 through 11.4 due on Friday

Week of Apr 6 (Goal: finish chapt 2, start chapt 3 and see the value of a budget and cash flow planning)

  • Mon: finish chapt 2
  • Tues: chapt 2 test
  • Wed-Fri: start chapt 3 and discover the purpose of a budget and personal banking record-keeping.

Week of March 23 (Goal: total and rule a cash payment journal with zero errors, then continue with our personal finance segment with Dave Ramsey)

  • Mon: finish 10.5 mastery, grading it today.
  • Tues: test on chapt 10
  • Wed-Fri: chapt 2 of your Dave Ramsey book. Bring it for Wed-Fri.

Week of March 9 (Goal: finish 8-column worksheet with no errors)

  • Mon-Wed: finish reinforcement activity from pg 216 in text. The 8-column worksheet goes on page 199. Post-closing trial balance goes on 200, income stmt and balance sheet go on 201. 202 is a general journal and the adj and closing entries appear on it.
    • Smartphones go on cart by pencil sharpener. If you need a calculator, grab one on cart!

Week of Feb 17 (Goal: post-closing trial balance must be 100% correct. This tells me the GJ and ledgers are also correct.)

  • Tues-Wed: finish appl probs 9.3 and 9.4. One of them will be taken for a grade.
  • Thurs-Fri: chapt 9 test.

Week of Feb 9 (Goal: enter DRs and CRs in GJ and ledger accounts with no errors)

  • Mon: finish 9.2WT in class.
  • Tues: start 9.3 WT as a group, finish 9.2OYO solo. Complete AQ&T for 9.3 with the other ones.
  • Wed: finish DVD.
  • Thurs-Fri: work on appl probs 9.1-9.4. These will be due next Tues.

Week of Feb 2 (Goal: correctly enter adjusting entries in the general journal with zero errors)

  • Mon: DVD for business history: assembly line manufacturing revolutionized American production across several industries.
  • Tues: test chapt 8
  • Wed: chapt 9 audit questions and terms for 9.1. WT and OYO will be covered in class.
  • Thurs: 9.2 questions and terms. Watch closely as we do WT and OYO.
  • Fri: finish DVD series!

Week of Jan 26 (Goal: make financial statements with zero errors)

  • Mon: DVD for business history…how will the invention of the auto change America?
  • Tues-Wed: finish appl probs for chapt. 8 Review for test.
  • Thurs: test on chapt. 8; income statement, component percentages, and balance sheet must be accurate to the penny

Week of Jan 5 (Goal: start automated accounting and enter the DRs and CRs with no errors.)

  • Mon: DVD of business history: what will Tesla do with the Niagara Falls Power contract?
  • Tues: pay attention as I show you how to find and start “automated accounting.””

Week of Dec 15 (Goal: complete your mid-term exam by making an 8-column worksheet with no errors. Adjusting entries must be correct and net income has to be labeled properly.)

  • Mon: finish DVD from Fri. Who will get the Niagara Falls Power Co. contract?
  • Tues-Wed: review for mid-term.
  • Thurs: mid-term exam.
  • Fri: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Week of Dec 8 (Goal: make an 8-column worksheet with no errors which accurately shows net income.)

  • Mon: finish episode 4 of our business history DVDs. Will Edison’s lightbulb and Morgan’s financial backing change America?
  • Tues-Wed: 2 practice tests done during class. Work on adjusting entries!
  • Thurs: test covering chapter 7.
  • Fri: we will start a new episode of our DVD series.

Week of Dec 2 (Goal: complete an 8-column worksheet perfectly showing net income or net loss.)

  • Tues-Wed: finish application problems 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.5.
  • Thurs-Fri: report to library computer lab for your first work in automated accounting.

Week of Nov 24 (Goal: make an 8-column worksheet with no errors; this shows us a trial balance, income stmt, and balance sheet!)

  • Mon: finish columns 7-8 of 7.4 WT and OYO.
  • Tues: episode 4 of “Men who made America.” What will Carnegie do with the Homestead Steel Mill uprising?

Week of Nov 17 (Goal: begin to make and use an 8-column worksheet to summarize financial data with zero errors!)

  • Mon: finish 3rd episode of our business leaders in history sequence. Also, some need to finish the reinfo. act.
  • Tues: audit questions and terms for 7.1 should be done on a sheet of paper. We will cover WT and OYO in class. These are the first 2 columns of the 8-column worksheet.
  • Wed: 7.2 AQ&T completed on the same paper as 7.1. Pay attention as we complete columns 3 and 4. WT and OYO will be done in class.
  • Thurs: add the 7.3 AQ and T to the 7.1 and 7.2 AQ&T. #BRINGAPENCIL AND PAY ATTENTION so we can complete columns 5-6.
  • Fri: episode 4 of the “Men Who Built America” series.

Week of Nov 10 (Goal: take gen. journal entries and post to their correct ledger accounts with zero errors)

  • Mon: finish 2nd episode of our business history DVD series.
  • Tues-Thurs: work on reinf. activity in text on pages 145-147. Cash account should have a final balance of $16410.
  • Fri: third episode in the Carnegie-Vanderbilt business competition. Will Carnegie’s pipelines change the way oil is moved around the USA?

Week of Nov 3 (Goal: finish balancing a business checkbook with zero errors.)

  • Mon: finish 1st episode on Vanderbilt.
  • Tues-Wed: test on chapt 6
  • Thurs: start reinforcement activity on pgs 145-147 in book. This is an exercise in time management.
  • Fri: 2nd episode in our business history sequence.

Week of Oct 27: (Goal: establish and replenish a petty cash fund documentation with general journal entries showing no errors)

  • Mon: add the 6.4 AQ and terms to the prior AQ&T. Turn these in for a grade. We will use the board to complete WT and OYO.
  • Tues-Thurs: complete appl probs 6.1 through 6.6. One of these will be chosen RANDOMLY for a grade.
  • Fri: video on Cornelius Vanderbilt, American businessman who transformed the railroad industry.

Week of Oct 20: (Goal: write checks correctly and keep an accurate balance in our business checking account)

  • Mon-Tues: finish writing checks from Fri. (only 3 checks). Then start the group of 12 on the pink paper.
  • Wed-Thurs: complete audit questions and terms for 6.2. We will complete WT together. This is confusing. Pay attention! Thurs finish 6.2OYO.

Week of Oct 14 (Goal: properly post DRs and CRs from the GJ to the GL with no errors)

  • Mon: finish chapt 5 test
  • Tues: 6.1 aud quest and terms are started. Don’t hand them in yet. WT will be done together. OYO will be “on your own.”
  • Wed and Thurs: 6.2 aud quest and terms are added to 6.1. Wed we will complete 6.2 WT and Thurs wil be OYO.
  • Fri: guest speaker

Week of Oct 6 (Goal: post DRs and CRs from GJ to GL with complete accuracy)

  • Mon: 5.3 audit questions and terms due with 5.1 and 5.2 aud. quest. and terms. Finish 5.3 WT and OYO.
  • Tues: guest speaker from Northwood Univ.
  • Wed-Thurs: appl probs due at end of class on Thursday. Some may start test today.
  • Fri:  start test on chapt 5.

Week of Sept 29 (Goal: post from GJ to GL with full accuracy)

  • Mon: recycle problem 4.1 for practice.
  • Tues: test on chapt 4.
  • Wed: audit questions and terms for 5.1 are started. WT and OYO will be done during class
  • Thurs-Fri: 5.2 aud quest and terms done on same paper as 5.1. WT and OYO should be completed during class.

Week of Sept 22 (Goal: enter transactions into the GJ as DRs and CRs with complete accuracy)

  • Mon: aud. quest. and terms for 4.3 due. We will complete WT and OYO during class.
  • Tues: aud. quest. and terms for 4.4 due, use class time wisely for WT and OYO.
  • Wed: guest speaker
  • Thurs-Fri: appl probs 4.1-4.7 due.

Week of Sept 15 (Goal: properly enter debits and credits into T-accounts with no errors)

  • Mon: appl prob 3.5 due.
  • Tues: test covering chapt 3.
  • Wed: finish test
  • Thurs-Fri: audit questions and terms for 4.1 and 4.2. We will cover WT and OYO for each section.

Week of Sept 8 (Goal: keep ALOE in balance after each transaction and make a balance sheet with zero errors)

  • Mon: pract test for chapt 2.
  • Tues: test
  • Wed: audit questions and terms for 3.1 due. We will complete WT and OYO together.
  • Thurs: 3.2 aud. quest. and terms due, as are WT and OYO
  • Fri: 3.3 aud. quest. and terms. WT and OYO will be completed during class.

Week of Sept. 2 (Goal: keep ALOE in balance after transactions that change owner’s equity)

  • Tues: audit questions and terms due for 2.1. Complete WT and OYO for 2.1.
  • Wed: audit quest. and terms for 2.2. Complete WT and OYO for 2.2
  • Thurs-Fri: appl. problems 2.1-2.4. These are due on Friday.

Week of Aug. 25 (Goal: keep ALOE in balance after each transaction and correctly make a balance sheet with zero errors)

  • Mon-Tues: complete WT and OYO for 1.1. Begin AP1.1-1.7; these are due on Wed.
  • Wed: practice tests
  • Thurs: test covering chapt. 1

Week of Aug. 19 (Goal: learn basic terms such as debits and credits and the accounting equation which must always balance

  • Tues: intro and expectations
  • Wed: review text and how to use it
  • Thurs-Fri: define audit questions and terms for 1.1 on a piece of paper, keep the paper. We will work on 1.1WT and OYO together, as a class.


Week of May 12 (Goal: learn how to NOT handle your money)

  • Mon-Wed: ESPN 30 for 30 movie called “Broke.” It is about how professional athletes mismanaged their money.

Week of May 5 (Goal: use cash payment journal and sales correctly with 0 errors)

  • Mon-Tues: challenge prob 11.4 due
  • Wed-Thurs: chapt 11 test
  • Fri: make-up work for those who need it

Week of Apr 28 (Goal: use the cash payment journal and sales journals with no errors)

  • Mon: 11.1 aud quest and terms. Complete WT and OYO in class.
  • Tues: 11.2 quest and terms, finish WT and OYO in class
  • Wed-Fri: application problems 11.1 through 11.4

Week of Apr 21 (Goal: finish chapt 10 special journals with zero errors!)

  • Mon-Tues: finish appl probs 10.1 through 10.5. Mastery 10.5 will be taken for a grade.
  • Wed: finish recycle prob 10.1, this will be taken for a grade.
  • Thurs: chapt 10 test
  • Fri: nice way to end the week with some Dave Ramsey Personal Finance! Bring red D-Ram books.

Week of Apr 14 (Goal: Enron movie and mark to market acct method; we will see how it lead to inflated profits on paper)

  • Movie will take all week. Pay attention to stock prices and how long it took the executives to spend the profits.

Week of Apr 7 (Goal: use 2 special journals correctly for only those transactions: purchases journal and ca$h payment journal)

  • Complete audit questions and terms for all sections this week.
  • Mon: 10.1 WT and OYO will be done in class. Most of Monday’s class will be spent on audit questions and terms.
  • Tues: 10.2 WT and OYO
  • Wed: 10.3 WT and OYO
  • Thurs: 10.4 WT and OYO
  • Friday: begin appl. problems 10.1 through 10.5. These will be due on Tuesday of next week. Some might start the test on Monday. Smart phones will be collected during the test!

Week of March 31 (Goal: actual checkbook balancing using REAL accounts)

  • First Merit statements will be balanced on Mon-Tues
    • Look at beginning statement balance, compare it to your checkbook register balance. Are they the same?
    • Is it the same for the ending statement balances? If not we will look for items that didn’t yet clear.
    • We will also count the # of deposits and the # of withdrawals, as well as compare detailed amounts.
  • Huntington statements will be on Wed. and Thurs.

Week of March 17 (Goal: learn how to negotiate to get a better deal)

  • Mon-Wed: 7 steps to negotiate are covered in-depth. Silence is a GREAT negotiation tool.
  • Thurs: double discount paper and computing mark-up percentage exercise are due
  • Fri: chapt 8 test

Week of March 3 (Goal: get step #1 memorized from Dave Ramsey personal finance)

  • Mon: finish chapt1 of D-Ram. Step 1 is to have $500 in a savings account, $1000 in it if you make > $20k annually.
  • Tues: pract test
  • Wed: guest speaker
  • Thurs: chapt 1 test
  • Fri: start chapt 2.

Week of Feb  24 (Goal: complete the reinfor. act. on page 216 of the text with no errors)

  • We will work together on columns 1 and 2 on Mon. The account balances come from the ending account balances on pages 119-124 of the WP
  • Tues-Thurs: complete the 8-col. worksheet and the remaining financial statements.
  • Friday is the final day for this exercise. All work must be done in class. 

Week of Feb 19 (Goal: finish chapt 9 by being able to make the adj and closing entries, post to the GL, and make a trial balance)

  • Wed-Thurs: finish master prob 9-4 and the practice test
  • Fri: test on chapt 9

Week of Feb 10 (Goal: finish chapt 9 by making the post-closing trial balance where DRs = CRs)

  • Mon: 9.3 audit questions and terms should be added to 9.1 and 9.2. We will complete 9.3WT in class.
  • Tues: 9.3OYO will be taken for a grade.
  • Wed: appl. problems 9.1–9.4 are due on Thurs.
  • Thurs: finish appl. probs.
  • Fri: guest speaker

Week of Feb 3 (Goal: make adj. and closing entries perfectly)

  • Mon: 9.1 audit questions and terms. WT will be done in class, OYO is “on your own.”
  • Tues: same as above, but section 9.2
  • Wed: SNOW DAY
  • Thurs: finish 9.2 OYO and then we will post to individual ledger accounts. PAY ATTENTION!
  • Fri: finish 9.2 OYO posting. It will be taken for a grade.

Week of Jan. 28 (Goal: explore business and finance careers)

  • Thurs: video on business careers
  • Fri: begin Dave Ramsey personal finance

Week of Jan. 21 (Goal: pass test on making income statements and balance sheets from 8-column worksheet.

  • Mon-Tues: finish appl. prob. 8.1 through 8.4.
  • Wed: practice test
  • Thurs: test. bring working papers. Use info. on board to help!

Week of Jan. 14 (GOAL: create income statements and balance sheets from 8-column worksheets)

  • Mon-Tues: 8.1 and 8.2 WT and OYO; audit questions and terms due on Tues.
  • Wed-Thurs: appl. problems 8.1 through 8.4

Week of Jan. 8 (GOAL: balance a bank statement and complete an 8-column worksheet with no errors)

  • Complete recycle problems 6 and 7. These are due on Thurs. Grades will be entered on Friday so Thurs. is the last day for them.


  • Mon: complete audit questions and terms for 7.1. Also, add this question to the audit questions: What are the 4 reasons to use an 8-column worksheet? Keep your papers. Complete 7.1 WT and OYO during today’s class, watch the smartboard and chalkboard.
  • Tues: add 7.2 audit questions and terms to the 7.1 answers. Watch closely as we complete “adjusting entries.”
  • Wed: add 7.3 audit questions and terms to prior aud. quest. and terms. Watch the board as we complete columns 5 and 6 for WT. OYO will be done solo today!
  • Thurs: complete audit questions for 7.4. Add them to earlier audit questions. Watch as we complete 7.4OYO using the chalkboard.
  • Finish audit questions for 7.4. Start appl. prob. AP7.1 through 7.5. These are due next Tues. Test on Wed.



  • All week report to 153 to finish auto. acct. work. You should have 2 files from CH4, 2 from CH5, 2 from CH6, and the reinforcement activity called FRA-1.


  • All week report to 153.


  • Mon: last day for reinfo. act. Make sure ca$h account is perfect!
  • Tues-Fri: report to 153 for automated accounting.


  • Mon-Wed: recycle prob. 5.1 should be done on Monday. Reinf. activity on page 145-149 in text is due Wed. Ca$h acct is nearly filled w/transactions! Reinf. act. is due on Wed.


  • Mon: finish any and all checks (the group of 8 and the group of 12). Make sure AP6.6 is done. Test on Wed over chapt. 6.
  • Tues: chapt 6 review and study guide.
  • Wed: chapt 6 test
  • Thurs: finish recycle prob. 5.1 @ back of text. Due on Fri.
  • Fri: begin reinfo. act. on page 145 of text.


  • Mon-Wed: finish AP6.1 through 6.6. I will assist those working on 6.6. Random work will be checked.
    • I also have additional checks (a group of 8) for practice writing checks.
  • Wed-Fri: more check writing! 12 checks to write with no errors! I will be grading 6.6AP; turn in the group of 8 checks and the group of 12 checks on Friday.


  • Mon: audit questions and terms for 6.2. We will cover 6.2WT as a class and it will take most of class. Finish 6.2WT? Start 6.2OYO.
  • Tues: 6.2OYO. This will be done solo, it will take about 15 min. during the 1st portion of class. Then do audit questions and terms for 6.3. Don’t hand them in yet! We will complete 6.3 WT and OYO (solo!) during today’s class.
  • Wed: 6.4 WT and OYO. The audit questions and terms should be done on the same paper as 6.3. Turn in aud. quest. and terms for sections 6.3 and 6.4. BEGIN APPLICATION PROBLEMS!
  • Thurs-Fri: summarize the book’s steps on how to reconcile a bank statement. You will need a piece of paper and a pen or pencil to do this. Then, begin appl. prob. with quick review before each class. You will complete AP6.1 through 6.6!
    • These will be due next Monday, possibly Tues.


  • Mon: recycle problem 4-1 on page c3 @ back of book.
  • Tues: recycle problem 5-1 on page c4 @ back of book. Just do the GENERAL JOURNAL ENTRIES. General ledger will be completed later.
  • Wed: audit questions and terms for 6.1. We will practice endorsing a check.
  • Thurs: WT and OYO for 6.1.
  • Fri: more check writing! Be exact! In-class exercise. You will be writing 4 checks.


  • Mon-Tues: work on AP5.1 through 5.5. These are due on Tues. A random AP will be taken for a grade.
  • Wed: AP5.4 will be taken for a grade.
  • Thurs: chapt 5 test.
  • Fri: credit video (1st in a series: learn basics of interest rates, minimum payments, and difference between debit and credit cards)


  • Mon: Read pages 94-99 and finish audit questions and terms 5.1. They should be completed on a sheet o’ paper. We will complete 5.1 WT together.
  • Complete 5.1 OYO “on your own” during class time.
  • Wed: 5.2 audit quest. and terms should be done on the same page as 5.1 quest. and terms. 5.2 WT will take most or all of class.
  • Thurs: 5.2 OYO will be done during class. I will circulate and assist, as will the brighter students in your learning pod.
  • Fri: complete AQ and terms for 5.2 and 5.3. Complete 5.3 WT and OYO. Pay attention to the wording for “correcting entries.” Begin AP5.1 through 5.5. These are due next Tues.


  • Mon: 4.3 aud. questions and terms. We will cover WT and OYO during class.
  • Tues: 4.4 questions and terms, covering WT during class. Remember to pay attention to which page WT and OYO appear in the WP.
  • Wed-Thurs: AP4.1 through 4.7 due @ end of class on Thurs.
  • Fri: chapt 4 test.


  • Mon: finish AP3.4 and 3.5 today. Then, take the chapt 3 practice test.
  • Tues: chapt 3 practice test.
  • Wed: chapt 3 test.
  • Thurs: aud. questions and terms for 4.1. We will complete WT and OYO together during class. Hold on to questions and terms till tomorrow.
  • Fri: 4.2 aud. questions and terms should be added to the 4.1 questions and terms. We will cover WT and OYO together during class time. Working papers required daily.


  • Mon: chapt 2 test
  • Tues: 3.1 audit questions and terms. Read pages 40-43. WT and OYO will be completed during class.
  • Wed: 3.2 aud. quest. and terms. Read pages 40-48. We will complete WT and OYO during class.
  • Thurs: 3.3 aud. questions and terms Questions and terms for 3.1 through 3.3 due Thurs.
  • Fri: begin AP3.1, finish with AP3.5. These will be due next Mon. Debits on the left, credits on the right.


  • Tues: 2.1 aud. quest. and terms. Complete WT and OYO in class. Also complete 2.2 aud. quest. and terms. Complete WT and OYO for both sections in class.
  • Wed: finish appl. problems 2.1-2.5.
  • Thurs and Fri: practice test for chapt. 2
    • Next Mon is the chapt 2 test


  • Mon-Tues: make sure WT and OYO for 1.3 are completed. Begin AP at end of chapter 1. Finish AP1.1-1.7 by end of class on Tues.
  • Wed: practice test for chapt. 1. It will look like the “mastery” AP1.7.
  • Thurs: chapt 1 test. Bring WP. You may use them during the test.


  • Wed: complete terms and audit questions on page 8, section 1.1 of the text; these are due at end of class. Complete WT and OYO on page 8. We will begin talking about the ACCOUNTING EQUATION.
  • Thurs and Fri: section 1.2 and 1.3 in the text. We will begin looking at how various actions change the acct. eq. yet it stays in balance constantly. WORDS AND AUD. QUESTIONS FOR BOTH SECTIONS DUE ON FRIDAY.


Week of Apr. 22:

  • Mon.: finish any and all app. prob. work from chapt. 10. Mastery 10.5 is just like the test, which is tomorrow.
  • Tues.: test over chapt. 10. Working papers permitted.
  • Wed.: 11.1 aud. quest. and terms, WT and OYO should be completed on pg. 258.
  • Thurs.: same as above but 11.2.
  • Friday: appl. prob. 11.1 and 11.2.

Week of Apr. 15:

  • Monday: 10.1 WT and OYO due at end of class. Begin 10.2 audit questions and terms.
  • Tues.: finish 10.2 audit questions and terms, finish 10.2 WT and OYO.
  • Wed.: audit questions and terms for 10.3, complete 10.3 WT and OYO. Some can start 10.4 WT and OYO.
  • Thurs.: 10.4 WT and OYO due as well as audit questions and terms on page 243.
  • Friday: begin appl. prob. on page 245. The following problems are due on Tuesday of next week: 10.1 through 10.5.

Week of Apr. 8:

  • Mon.: Dave Ramsey part 3 video covering retirement plans and options and how to avoid some taxes.
  • Tues.: audit questions and terms from 10.1 in text. These are due at the end of class.
  • Wed.: finalize chapt. 3 of Dave Ramsey, get ready for test on Friday.

Week of Apr. 1:

  • Mon: Dave Ramsey parts 5 and 6 for personal investment options of chapt. 2. Venn Diagram on stocks and bonds will be distributed. You will complete this with a partner during class time.
  • Tues.: summarize personal investment options on a handout during class with a partner. Study for the chapt 2 test on Thurs.
  • Wed.: complete the review at the end of chapt. 2 in the Big D-Dave Ramsey workbook.
  • Thurs.: chapt. 2 test.

Week of Mar. 18:

  • Mon.: review for tomorrow’s test covering chapt. 1 of the Dave Ramsey personal finance curriculum. No notes, no books permitted.
    • pages 18-19 in the Dave Ramsey workbook are valuable in studying for the test.
  • Tues.: test covering chapt. 1 of Dave Ramsey’s “savings” success.

Week of Mar. 4:

  • Mon.: Dave Ramsey financial workshop, part 2, covering the 2nd baby step of creating a fully funded emerg. exp. account.
  • Tues.: recycle prob 8.1 due at end of class. It is found @ the back of the textbook. My substitute will have the paper for you to complete it on.

Week of Feb. 26

  • Mon.: in-class article review re: the 4 Ps of financial success.
  • Tues.: chapt. 9 study guide
  • Wed. and Thurs.: chapt. 9 test
  • Fri.: Dave Ramsey personal financial wisdom begins!

Week of Feb 19:

  • Report to comp. lab (room 153) all week. We will be finishing any unfinished projects.

Week of Feb. 11:

  • Mon. and Tues.: 9.2 WT and OYO.
  • Tues. and Wed.: 9.3 WT and OYO, attempt those and use the text as a guide. Audit questions and terms due at end of class. Finish 9.2 WT and OYO and 9.3 WT and OYO.
    • 9.3 OYO will be taken for a grade on Thurs.
  • Thurs. and Fri.: AP 9.1-9.3 due @ end of Fri.’s class. They are just like the work from the text, use your WP as a guide.

Week of Feb. 4:

  • Mon.: in-class review for chapt. 8 test.
  • Tues.-Wed.: chapt. 8 test.
  • Thurs. and Fri.: 9.1 and 9.2 WT and OYO. This covers adj. entr. and closing entr. in the GJ. This is the base for next week’s gen. ledg. entries from the GJ.

Week of Jan. 29:

Report to comp. lab (room 153) to complete auto. acct. work. We will only be there Mon.-Thurs.

  • Mon.-Tues.: 6.1 and 6.2 (selected financial reports)
  • Wed.: various reports from chapt. 8
  • Thurs.: reinfo. activity (ca$h account from gen. ledg.)
  • Fri.: report to classroom for chapt. 8 test.

Week of Jan. 22:

  • Tues.: finish Mastery Problem 8-4 in working papers and textbook. It is the hand-written version of AA8.2.
  • Wed.-Fri.: report to comp. lab in frosh. wing (room 153.)

Week of Jan. 14:

  • Mon.: WT and OYO page 185–making a balance sheet with zero errors.
  • Tues- Thurs: Application prob. 8.1, 8.2, and 8.3.

Week of Jan. 7:

Mon.-Thurs.: Report to room 153 (comp. lab. in frosh. wing.) We will start auto. acct. and the following files in AUTOMATED ACCOUNTING correspond to the following application and mastery problems:

  • AA4.1—>4.5AP
  • AA4.2—>4.6MASTERY
  • AA5.1—>5.1AP
  • AA5.2—>5.4MASTERY

Week of Jan. 2:

  • Wed.: break into groups of 3. One person is a recorder and the other 2 are information gatherers. Read pages 174-179. Develop an outline covering those pages.
    • It should include any concepts which are italicized, also how to make an income statement, the definition of income, and the relevant component percentage data. Include net loss information, too. Include any other info. you feel is important.
    • Due at end of class on Wed.
  • Thurs.: Complete WT and OYO on page 180. Goal: 100% accuracy when making an income statement and finding component percentages.
  • Fri.: complete an outline with 1 or 2 other students covering 8.2 in the text. You pick the relevant info. This is due @ the end of class on Friday. 
    • We will begin auto. acct. in preparation for reporting to computer lab 153 next week, Mon.-Thurs.


Week of Dec. 17:

  • Mon.: finish chapt. 7 study guide.
  • Tues. and Wed.: mid-term exam covering chapt. 7. You will complete 2 worksheets, each is 8-columns and both companies have a net profit.

Week of Dec. 10:

  • Mon.: 7.4 audit questions and terms due at end of class. We will be practicing how to locate errors in accounting worksheets. This will help you with your personal finances, as well.
  • Tues.: 7.4 WT will be reviewed in class. Begin 7.4 OYO.
  • Wed.: you should finish 7.4 OYO during today’s class.
  • Thurs. and Fri.: 7.5 Mastery due at end of Thursday’s class. Article review and questions due at end of class on Fri. Goals: complete an 8-column worksheet and find net income or net loss with no accounting errors. If there is an error, use one of the techniques found in the book or article.

Week of Dec. 3:

  • Mon.: finish recycle problems 4.1-6.1. If you don’t finish them during class, take them home. These are due Tues. JOURNALIZE, POST, RECONCILE! These are practice problems.
  • Tues.: 7.3 WT and OYO. Audit questions and terms are due at the end of class. This is a continuation of the 8-column worksheet.
  • Wed.: review of 7.3 and how we finish columns 5-8. QUESTION: WHY DO WE DO THESE 8-COLUMN WORKSHEETS?.
  • Thurs.: finish 7.3 Golden Tan worksheet and Kragan’s Copies worksheets. Begin working on AP 7.1-7.4.
  • Friday: continue working on AP 7.1-7.4.

Week of Nov. 26:

  • Tues and Wed.: some will be finishing the chapt. 6 test. Other will start chapt. 7.
  • Wed. and Thurs.: complete in-class audit questions and terms for section 7.1. Then, we will watch a short PowerPoint on the lesson, and complete WT and OYO for 7.1.
  • Thurs.: complete 7.2 WT and OYO. Audio and visual lesson, be prepared to listen and follow for making correcting entries. Goal: 100% accuracy showing adjustment entries, beginning debit balances, and month ending debit balances.
  • Fri: PRACTICE! Recycling problems 4-1 through 6-1. Handout will be provided in-class. Journalizing transactions, posting to a GL, and reconciling.

Week of Nov. 19:

  • Mon. and Tues.: make sure 6.5 Mastery Prob. is complete as well as the Reinfo. Activity at end of chapt. 6. Both will be taken for a grade.
  • Wed.: chapt. 6 test.

Week of Nov. 12: (Accounting Club applications due by end of class on Friday, 11/16.)

  • Mon. and Tues.: if you haven’t yet finished the check-writing exercises, I will look in Pinnacle and let you know if you need to finish them. Begin the reinforcement exercise on page 145 in the textbook.
  • Wed.: check writing exercise, due @ the end of class.
  • Thurs. and Fri.: reinf. activity at end of chapt. 6 due on Friday. Journalize, then post to individual accounts, and finally balance the checkbook. Ca$h should have no errors!

Week of Nov. 5:

  • Monday: read pages 130-133. Answer audit questions and define terms on pg. 134. These are due at the end of class on Tues. We will complete WT and OYO for 6.3 today.
  • Tuesday: complete terms and audit questions for petty cash, section 6.4. We will complete WT and OYO in class today! Appl. prob. 6.1-6.6 due next Tues.
  • Make sure aud. quest. & terms for 6.3 and 6.4 are completed and turned in to me. Make sure you are working on the AP! I will look at AP 6.3 today to ensure you are working on them correctly.

Week of Oct. 29th:

  • Mon. and Tues.: in-class exercise on writing checks and carrying a balance forward. This will be collected at the end of class on Tues. Goal: 100% accuracy when writing a check. Don’t overpay people!
  • Thurs. and Friday: finish in-class check writing exercises with no mistakes. We will also watch a video about Facebook and its work environment.

Week of Oct. 22:

  • Mon.: read pages 118-123 (checking accounts). Complete audit questions and terms on page 124. We will complete WT on page 124 during class; you will complete OYO individually. Goal: 100% accuracy when we write a check!
  • Tues.: OYO for 6.1 is due. Turn in audit questions and terms from 6.1.
  • Wed.-Thurs: first quarter common assessment. Goal: cash account must be 100% accurate.
  • Thurs.-Fri.: complete appl. prob. 6-1 (writing checks). Checks and account balances must be 100% accurate.
    • read 125-128 in textbook covering checkbook reconciliation. Complete terms and audit questions on page 129. We will start balancing a checking account.. Goal: full accuracy since we are handling ca$h!

Week of Oct. 15:

  • Mon.-Wed.: AP 5.1-5.4 will be graded on Tues. Goal: 100% accuracy for posting individual transactions into their general ledger accounts.
  • Thurs. and Fri.: chapt. 5 test. It will mirror problem 5.4 in the application problems.
    • This means you will have to complete a general journal, then post into the individual accounts in a ledger.

Week of Oct. 8:

  • Mon. & Tues.: we will start file maintenance in chapt. 5. Read pages 94-99. Complete audit questions & terms on page 100–DO NOT TURN IN TO ME YET. Page 97 is our guide. Page 100 has exercises on it; WT will be done as a class, OYO is done “solo.” WT and OYO for 5.1 are due on Wed.
  • Wed: we will post from a GJ to a GL. We will take our debits and credits from a GJ and put those transactions into the individual accounts in a general ledger. 5.2 WT and OYO are due on Thurs.
  • Thurs. and Friday: begin appl. prob. 5.1 and 5.2. These are due on Friday @ the end of class. Goal is to post from a GJ to a GL with 100% accuracy.

Week of Oct. 1

  • Mon: begin workin on appl. prob. 4.1-4.5. These will be taken for a grade on Tues. and Wed. All are due on Wed.
  • Wed.: study guide for the test, due on Thurs.
  • Thurs.: test covering entries in the general journal. Know terms from section 4.1 and how to journalize a transaction into debit and credit parts.

Week of Sept. 24:

  • Mon.: final day to complete AP 3.1-3.5. They will be graded and some will start chapt. 3 test.
  • Tues. chapt. 3 test covering transactions and debits and credits.
  • Wed-Thurs.: start chapt. 4. Target: enter account debits and credits correctly into a general journal.
    • no more T-charts, now we are using actual accounting forms
    • due on Thurs .: terms on page 71; audit questions on pages 71 and 75.
  • Due on Fri: WT & OYO for sections 4.1-4.4. Also, complete audit questions for sections 4.3 and 4.4.

Week of Sept. 17:

  • Monday: read pages 40-50. Define terms and answer audit question on pages 44 & 50. Goal: analyze transactions into correct debit and credit parts on a T-account. Know the origins of the words “debit” and “credit” and their abbreviations.
  • Tuesday: WT and OYO are due for textbook section 3-1 and 3-2.
  • Wed.-Fri: complete 3.3  OYO & WT. Goal: correctly enter the transactions into debits and credits. When done w/those, AP 3.1-3.5 will be graded. Due during Wednesday’s class: audit questions on page 56.

Week of Sept. 10:

  • Monday: finish appl. problems 2.1-2.3. Start 2.4.
  • Tuesday: 2.4 will be taken for a grade. Start review sheet covering chapt 2.

Week of Sept. 4:

  • Tues.: finish chapt. 1 test and review question #2. We will introduce chapter 2 by adding one more account to the asset side of ALOE. GOAL: keep ALOE in balance.
  • Wed. through Fri.: Turn in audit questions from 2.1. Complete OYO and WT for 2.1 and 2.2 (making balance sheets). You are not doing any math, just making the balance sheets from the provided info. Appl. problems 2.1 through 2.3 due at end of class on Friday–keep ALOE IN BALANCE.

Week of Aug. 27th:

  • Monday through Wed.: KEEP THE ACCOUNTING EQUATION IN BALANCE while completing AP 1.1-1.6 in the working papers. I will grade these beginning Tues.
  • Wed and Thurs.: chapt. 1 test covering THE ACCOUNTING EQUATION AND KEEPING IT IN BALANCE. You may use your working papers, also.

Week of Aug. 21st:

  • We will discuss the course objectives, expectations, and review our website which will have daily and weekly goals.
  • Wed.: answer audit questions and define terms on page 8, please put both of these on the same sheet of paper. We will start WT on page 8 and you will finish OYO on page 8 as an individual.
  • Thurs.: read pages 9-12, we will begin WT page 12. You will complete OYO on page 12 individually. Complete 1-3 (balance sheet) WT and OYO.
  • Fri.: we will start appl. problems @ the end of chapt. 1. Goal: finish AP 1.1 and start 1.2.
    • Things to have completed in your working papers: OYO & WT for 1.1-1.3.
    • When done w/those, start application problems. I will be grading all of the application problems.

We will be covering basic concepts these first few weeks. I want you to master these topics before we move on to later exercises. There will be practice and repetition early and often.


Week of May 21st:

  • Fitness Junction work that will be graded: bank recon., GJ entry #1, and all work through form 27. Info. has been entered in Pinnacle and selected journals will be graded beginning on Wed.

Week of May 14th:

  • Continue working in the Fitness Junction Packet. I will grade days 1-3 on Wed.
  • Start day 4 by Thursday. Focus on organizational skills.

Week of May 7th:

  • Exam review on Mon. and Tues.: chapters 10 and 11 will cover the exam. Know how to enter payments in the sales journal, cash payments journal, as well as how to prove cash. Application problems will be the basis for the exam on Friday (for seniors.)

Juniors: we will start the Fitness Juntion packet.

Week of April 30th:

  • Application problems 11.1-11.3 due on Thursday and Friday. I will begin grading them on Thurs. and all are due on Fri. Use your time wisely.

Week of April 23rd:

  • Test on Monday covering chapt. 10. Bring WP to class.
  • Wed.-Friday: chapt. 11 exercises to be graded are 11.1 WT and OYO and 11.2 WT and OYO during Friday’s class. Use your text as a resource. I will assist you as will some other students. Chapter 11 is only 8 pages total.

Week of April 16th:

  • Monday: start mastery problem 10.5 on page 246 of the textbook. All problems due on Thursday. Use your time wisely.

Week of April 10th:

  • Tues.: complete appl. prob. 10-1 from book on page 245. It will be taken for a grade at the end of class.
  • Wed.: read pages 240-242; we will complete WT on pg. 243. You will complete OYO individually. Grade will be taken @ end of class on Wed.
  • Thurs. and Fri.: complete appl. prob. 10-2 through 10-4. Grades will be taken during Friday’s class.

Week of March 26th:

  • Monday: read pages 220-227. Answer the “audit” questions on page 228 on a sheet of paper. On the same piece of paper, define the following terms: merchandising business, retail merchandising business, wholesale merchandising business, cost of merchandise, markup, terms of sale. These will be taken for a grade.
  • Tues.: complete WT and OYO (page 228) solo. Simply enter the date, vendor, and amount. Use the text as a guide.
  • Wed. 10.2 WT and OYO will be completed in-class for a grade. Smartboard will be used to illustrate these valuable accounting concepts for specific journals.

Week of March 19th:

  • Finish the 8-column worksheet on page 199 of the WP. Columns 5-8 will be taken for a grade on Tuesday. The post-closing trial balance, adjusting and closing entries, and income statement are due on Wed. Use the text book, page 160-b for help w/the worksheet. Use chapts. 8 and 9 for completing the other financial statements.

Week of OGT:

  • Complete 8-column worksheet on page 199 of WP. Then complete pgs. 200-201 of WP. The 8-column worksheet must be completed before you can finish pages 200-201. These will be taken for a grade next week.

Week of March 5th:

  • Monday and Tues: chapt. 9 test; bring WP to class.
  • Wed.: review adj. and closing ent. from test.
  • Thurs.-Fri.: reinforcement activity activity which is located right after ch. 9 in the text. WP are needed.

Week of Feb. 27th:

  • Mon.: read the post-closing trial balance in the text on pages 204-208. We will complete the WT exercises in-class. WT and OYO will be taken for a grade on Tues.
  • Tues.: complete appl. prob. 9.3. Grade will be taken on Wed.
  • Wed. answer “audit your understanding” questions on page 196 (questions 1 and 2); pg. 203 (questions 1, 2, and 3); page 209 all questions. Please answer the questions by writing your legible answers on a piece of paper.
  • Thurs. and Fri.: review for next Monday’s test covering chapt. 9. If I haven’t yet graded any chapt. 9 exercises I will do that today.

Week of Feb. 20th:

  • Monday: we will watch a video during class about conflict resolution. Oftentimes this topic is not discussed for individuals getting ready to enter the workforce.
  • Tues.: read 197-202 in text. We will complete WT during class. Working papers page 171 is needed.
  • Wed. Complete the general journal for 9.2 WT and OYO for a grade. Start appl. prob. 9.2 and the general journal portion (pg. 181) will be graded it on Thurs.
  • If I haven’t graded any of the above, it will be graded during Friday’s class. We will complete any make-up work today and I will assist individually, as needed.

Week of Feb. 13th:

  • Mon.: read pages 192-195. We will complete page 196-WT together. This takes time and patience…we will be flipping back and forth in the WP.
  • Tues.: complete OYO on page 196 individually. Our guide for this will be WT.
  • Wed.-Thurs.: complete AP 9.1 on page 211 of the text. This will be taken for a grade on Thurs. morning.
  • No school Friday but check this site for important updates over the weekend!

Week of Feb. 6th:

  • Mon.-Tues.: complete AP 8.1-8.3 on pages 187-188 in text. Grades will be taken for these on Tues.
  • Wed.: review for Thurs.; complete any work not yet done.
  • Thurs.: Chapt. 8 assessment
  • Fri.: I will grade any items that have not yet been entered into Pinnacle.

Week of Jan. 30th:

  • Mon.: complete 7.5 Mastery on page 170 for a grade.
    • Company has a net loss; amount (difference of $160) goes in columns 6 and 7 on the net loss line. There is no net income for EasyGlo.
  • Tues.: review for Wed. Make sure you can complete an 8-column worksheet.
    • If you can complete the Golden Tan worksheet, you can complete the test!
  • Wed: Chapt. 7 assessment (bring WP to class).
  • Thurs.: start Chapt. 8, reading 174-179. Complete WT and OYO on page 180. Use the text. It goes into great detail for assistance on determining net income. These will be graded on Thurs.
  • Friday: read 181-184. Complete WT and OYO on page 185. Feel free to use the textbook for a very detailed explanation on completing the working papers. These will be graded on Fri.
    • To computer OE, see page 183. (capital bal. + net inc. – drawing = OE)

Week of Jan. 23rd:

  • Tues: review adjusting entries.
  • Wed.: Pages 159-161, text and working papers are needed. The textbook and the transparencies in it are helpful.
  • Thurs. appl. prob. 7.1, 7.2, start 7.3.
    • Goal: putting adjusting entries in correct place in 8-column worksheet.
    • Goal: 8-column worksheet is completed by simply bringing info. over from columns 1-4, matching info. from page B w/all transparencies on it.
  • Friday: have 7.3 completed. 7.1-7.3 will all be taken for a grade
  • When done, make sure 8-column worksheets are done for pgs. 125-126 in the WP.
      • 7.1-7.3 WT Golden Tan, 7.1-7.3 OYO Cragan’s Copies, and 7.1-7.3 Appl. Prob. (Renville Rental) will all be taken for a grade.

Week of Jan. 17th:

  • Tues. and Wed.: Here is a file with review questions. Feel free to open it, double-space it, and type your answers. If you prefer to write the answers on notebook paper, go for it. This will be collected at the end of class on Wed.
    • Yes, use your books as a reference when answering those questions.
  • Thurs. and Fri.: make sure the reinforcement activity at the end of Chapt. 6 is completed with all of the transactions entered through May 31. It will be taken for a mid-term grade covering chapters 1-6.
    • Also, make sure the 40 question review paper has been completed and turned-in for a portion of the mid-term grade.

Week of Jan. 9th:

  • Monday: continue working on the reinforcement activity at the end of Chapt. 6. Post debits and credits and enter the transactions in the appropriate accounts. All transactions for the month of May should be entered in the working papers. Remember, we entered transactions through May 28th and you should complete the remaining items.
  • Tues: finish the reinforcement activity at the end of Chapt. 6. It will be graded at the end of Tuesday’s class.
    • Some students need to finish the Part 3-Chapt. 6 test. We will do that on Tues.
  • Wed.: we will continue working on and reviewing adjusting entries in Chapt. 7. This information appears in columns 3 and 4 in the 8-column worksheet.
  • Thurs. and Fri.: we will watch a video on working at Facebook. A short summary will be due on Friday. Please type it in a Word doc. Answer the following questions:
    • Would you like to work there and why or why not?
    • Does that company’s culture fit your style?
    • Surf the web and find out how much money Facebook earned last year. Provide as much info. as possible.
  • Be sure to get the ACCT app. for your iPad and Droids, too. Visit for this exciting feature.

Week of Jan. 4th:

  • Chapt. 6 (part 3) test on Wed. Make sure you bring your working papers to class.
  • Thurs.: We will begin Chapt. 7. Read pages 148-152. Be prepared to answer the “audit your understanding” questions on page 152 on paper for an in-class grade.
    • Complete the WT and OYO exercises on pages 152 and 153 for a grade. If these weren’t graded on Thursday, they will be graded on Monday for partial credit.
    • Pay close attention to the steps on page 151!
  • Friday: Read pages 154-157 and answer  the “audit your understanding” questions on page 158. Please complete these on paper and place on my desk.

Reminder: working papers (the workbook) is needed daily. 

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