Latest News for Knapp Elementary

December Around the World

IMG_4787Recently Knapp’s 3rd and 4th grade students performed the music program “December Around the World” for grandparents, family, and friends. A special mention of thanks to Mrs. Linda Davis, the music teacher, for the time and dedication she put forth on such a wonderful program. Click here to view a slide show.

Happy Holidays from T.C. Knapp

IMG_5049Happy Holidays from the staff at T.C. Knapp Elementary.

Perry Local Schools will be on Holiday Break beginning December 23rd through January 3rd. School will resume on Monday, January 6th.

Preschool Screening for Special Needs Children – January 8th

screeningA screening for preschool children ages 3-5 who have suspected delays is scheduled for Wednesday, January 8th at T. C. Knapp Elementary. If you have concerns that your preschool child may demonstrate significant delays in the areas of speech/language development, motor development, cognitive development, and/or social emotional/behavioral development, please contact Ashley Reinhart, by Monday, January 6th at 330-915-5307 to schedule a screening appointment. For more information on identifying and serving preschoolers with special needs, please visit

Preschool Still Enrolling Typical Peers for 2013-2014

preschool_blocks-300x214Interested in enrolling your child as a typical peer?  Spots are still available for the 2013-2014 school year.  Children must have turned 3 years old before August 1, 2013. Children must demonstrate age-appropriate speech/language skills, play skills, social skills, and behavior to be considered for enrollment. All typical peers must be reliably toilet-trained. If your child meets these criteria and you are interested in scheduling a screening appointment, please contact Tammy Cardinal at 330-478-6187. For more information about the preschool program, please visit

Guidance Preview Meeting Scheduled for December 16th

guidanceimageThe guidance topic for January is Death/Loss for Grades 1 and 3. A parent preview will be offered to any parent that would like to view materials on this topic as well as the topic of Divorce/Changing Families, which is February’s topic for Grades 2 and 4. This meeting will be held at 6:00 PM on Monday, December 16, at Watson School. More information will be sent home at a later date. If school is closed that day due to snow or ice, the preview will be rescheduled at a later date.

Fall Fundraiser Top Sellers

knapptopsellersCongratulations to our top sellers this year during our fall fundraiser:

First Place- Jacob Wendling
Second Place- Tapanga Yarnell
Third Place- Curtis Williams
These are the top sellers for each grade level: Preschool- Tapanga Yarnell, Kindergarten- Jacob Wendling,

First Grade- Braylon Cooley, Second Grade- Curtis Williams, Third Grade- Ethan Miller, Fourth Grade- Toby Dazey

All of the students above attended a limo lunch ride for their efforts. These additional ten students were picked in a lottery to attend the limo ride:

Joslyn Gaut, Morgan Miller, Clayton Felts, Gracie Hall, Rylie Cole, Kaden Sterner, Collin Carter, Ben Walker, Sophie Blakeslee, and Rowan Halter.

The top selling classroom was Mrs. Keller’s kindergarten class. They had a pizza party to celebrate their success. Thanks kindergarten!

Top Sellers Earn Limo Ride

knapplimoThese students got to attend the limo lunch ride to CiCi’s pizza for being the top sellers during our T.C. Knapp fundraiser.  The students were so happy to ride in the limo.  All of the students were so excited because they have never had the opportunity to ride in a limo.  They thought it was so cool.  One student said, ” When I get older I am going to buy a limo!”   What great memories for all of them.

Grandparents Day Scheduled for December 12th


Grandparents Day is scheduled for Thursday, December 12th at the times listed below for specific grade levels.

• First and second grades 9:30-10:45
• Third and fourth grades 1:30-2:45

The grandparents and their grandchild will be watching the third and fourth grade Christmas performance “Christmas Around the
World”. The students and staff are looking forward to this special event!

Please don’t forget to RSVP if your child is having a grandparent or someone special visit with them during our Grandparent’s Day celebration
for grades 1-4. Please note the times on the next page in which the grandparents will need to arrive at the school. We need to have 2 separate
times for our celebration because we do not have enough space in the gym to house all of our special guests. We will host the kindergarten Grandparents Day this coming spring.