Latest News for Lohr Elementary

Positive-ly Lohr

We would like to share with our Lohr students, staff, and parents a video that we recently put together to highlight some of the positive things happening in our building. We are proud of the accomplishments of our students and staff and hope that you enjoy watching this video! Click here to view the video.


district9The District 9 State Support Team will be holding a presentation on Thursday, March 19th from 6 – 8 PM at R.G. Drage Career Center (map). Dr. Cathy Hamilton will present on high expectations, employment and student success. Parents and educators are encouraged to attend the very informative presentation. Click here for a presentation flyer.

Registration is required for this event. Please contact Holly Kemp (, or by calling 330-493-6082 Ext. 1314. Questions pertaining to this session can be directed to Mary Lynne Offredo, SST9 Consultant ( / 330-493-6082 Ext. 1553.

Lohr Grandparents Day – Tuesday, December 9th.

grandparentsday_logo_2B336All grandparents of Lohr students are cordially invited to join their grandchild for the viewing of Lohr’s Christmas Musical, Flakes, and a cookie reception in the classroom. These morning festivities are for Grandparents and their grandchildren to enjoy. An evening performance of Flakes for parents and family members will follow at 7pm. Click here for more information on Lohr’s Grandparents Day. 

Employability: What Does it Take to Get a Job?

employability_log_webThe District 9 State Support Team will be holding a presentation on Thursday, January 15th from 6 – 8 PM at R.G. Drage Career Center (map). The topic will be Employability: What does it take to get a job?  Information will be provided for both parents and educators. An outline of necessary skills students need when pursuing employment will also be provided. Participants will be provided with strategies and supports to identify essential life skills and vocational checklists for both teens and adults.  (more…)

Lohr 4th Graders Create Personal Collages

100_0119The fourth graders in Mrs. Edgein’s class recently read a story called “Me and Uncle Romie”.  In the story, James takes a trip to visit his aunt and uncle in New York.  During his visit, James and Uncle Romie, who is a collage artist, have a wonderfully memorable time together.  As James is leaving, Uncle Romie gives him a collage to help him remember his visit.  The students wrote a descriptive paragraph telling about a collage they would like Uncle Romie to create for them.  Then they made collages that reflected their writing.

Lohr First Graders Present Just the Facts!

IMG_0028 (2)Lohr first graders researched a special ocean animal on Monday and wrote down four or more interesting facts. Tuesday we turned our facts into a topic sentence and four supporting detail sentences.  Wednesday we typed our work in the computer lab and Thursday we illustrated it with a picture. Friday we shared them with our classmates.  The standards that we accomplished in this week long lesson were- reading informational text, writing a topic sentence, writing four supporting details, publishing their work, practicing our keyboarding, and our listening and speaking skills when presenting their work.  Can you believe we are six or seven years old and we can write informational text?!

Incorporating Technology and Writing into Math Class

DSC02667Mrs. Scaife’s fourth grade class was recently working with charts and graphs in math class.  We took our learning one step further with technology and learned how to create a chart to record our own data collection with our Skittles candy.  Once our chart was complete, we learned how to use the information to create a bar graph.  Then, each student wrote five questions that could be answered using the information on their bar graph.  The students then exchanged papers with another student in our class to see how well we could read and interpret the information on the graph!  We really enjoyed creating this project as part of our understanding of charts and graphs!

3rd Grade Students Shoot for the Stars

grade31Students have been “shooting for the stars” when it comes to their Rocket Math goals. Students in third grade have a goal of accomplishing facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Mrs. Williamson’s class has achieved their addition facts and are now working toward accomplishing their subtraction facts. The students work as partners to practice their facts on a level before they are tested on that level. As the students achieve their fact goals they are rewarded with a treat, certificate, and signing of our hallway rocket to show off what “Rocket Stars” they truly are.