Our Mission Statement:

To come together as a community joining church, school, civic groups and area businesses to pull our resources to help feed and clothe Perry residents in need.

To share our knowledge and skills with each other, making Perry the place to live and raise a family.

A message from Patty Knotts, founder of Perry Helping Perry,

“As an Elementary Secretary at Genoa Elementary I saw first hand families struggling.  With the little I was doing within my own school I worried what would happen once they left Genoa and moved on.  I wanted to help everyone.  I always had the dream of doing more, but soon it became a reality.  I am so blessed to be a part of this community and Perry Schools.  Starting Perry Helping Perry has allowed me to continue dreaming!

Perry Helping Perry is about a movement. A movement in helping each other. This movement requires that we work together and give of our time, services and ideas. Perry Helping Perry is about taking care of our community. Perry is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. We have an excellent school district, great parks, wonderful police, EMS and Fire services. Our Proud Perry community is coming together to make sure that all children are fed and clothed and we’ll do what ever we can to help families that have fallen on hard times to get back on their feet. Perry Helping Perry isn’t about hand-outs, Perry Helping Perry is about helping people to a better way of life. Perry Helping Perry helps with hygiene products, clothes, shoes, school supplies, Christmas and many more things to help families. Perry Helping Perry is a community wide effort, won’t you be part of the movement? Contact us today to find out how you can serve in this community changing action.”

Testimonials from Perry Helping Perry Clients:
“PHP has been a true blessing. This year would have been really rough had it not been for you guys. Thanks so much!”

“PHP has helped my family with Christmas gifts that I chose, it was wonderful! Also with school supplies too. In a time when everything is so much and 4 growing kids, a organization like PHP is priceless to our community. Thanks so much!”

“Last year when my husband (who brings in the main paycheck) was admitted to the hospital, it was very tight with finances. We were talking to Patty and she had us come to PHP. With a family of 5 I was glad she did. This organization has been heaven sent! If not for them, I don’t know where we would be. Between food and clothing, PHP has been wonderful!! Thank you PHP for all you do for us.”

“Perry Helping Perry has helped so much with me and my 2 children, plus my girlfriends family, her 3 kids, and her mom. This is a great program. People that work here are so helpful, so nice, very thoughtful. I appreciate everything PHP has done. I wish I could do more to give back.”