September Lunchbucket Award Winners Announced

20131002_082527Congratulations to the following students for being recognized as the September Lunchbucket Award winners! These students “Go to Work” each day with great “Attitude and Effort”.  Each student was presented with a Certificate, mini “lunchbucket” and had their name read over the P.A. to recognize this achievement.  Great Job!
Community 5.1: Haylee Hardin & Nathan Long
Community 5.2: Mallory Baus & William Hughes II
Community 5.3: Kiley Wolf & Rocco Saibene
Community 5.4: Mercia Ehmer & Parker WackerlyCommunity 6.1: Haley Wolf & Grant Waters
Community 6.2:  Aidan Longwell & Kira Griffin
Community 6.3: Alysha White & Ian May
Community 6.4: Josie Brown & Reese Heater