Pfeiffer Announces February Lunch Bucket Award Winners

20140317_082219Congratulations to the following students for being recognized as the February Lunch Bucket Award winners! These students “Go to Work” each day with great “Attitude and Effort”.  Each student was presented with a Certificate, mini “lunch bucket” and had their name read over the P.A. to recognize this achievement.  Great Job!

5.1  Kaitlyn Russell – Josh Lemmon

5.2  Abby Casper – Andrew Wilson-Lamp

5.3  Hayleigh Kolacsky – Cody Springer

5.4  Erin Wagner – Jackson Huntsman

6.1  Michelle Zheng – Austin Eshelman

6.2  Hannah Leapline – Isaac Lopez

6.3  Natalie Tilton – Elijah Chapman

6.4  Kristen Peffer – Tristan Monnard