Blizzard Bag Due Dates

Over Spring Break Superintendent Bowe conducted an All-Call regarding the Governor having just signed a calamity bill, which provides relief only to districts who have been forced to close school for more than ten days. In his message Mr. Bowe shared that Perry Local must now complete three days worth of Blizzard Bags, as well as extend the school year by one day in order to make up the four days we are required. In an effort to assist families, we have decided to spread the completion of Blizzard Bags out over the  next several weeks.  Below is a timeline to assist you in ensuring your student completes the necessary pieces on time:

Blizzard Bag 1:  Assigned on April 1 and due Monday, April 14

 Blizzard Bag 2:  Assigned on April 7 and due Monday, April 21

 Blizzard Bag 3:  Assigned on April 14 and due Monday, April 28

Completion of Blizzard Bags is required for all students.  Failure to complete the assignments may negatively impact your child’s academic grades.