Pfeiffer Announces November’s Students of the Month

November Student of the Month 15-16Pfeiffer Intermediate School is proud to announce November’s Students of the Month. Student selections are by community teachers under the following criteria:

  • Students must demonstrate the Big 3 (Respectful/Responsible/Safe)
  • Students must show character
  • Students must demonstrate a good attitude on a daily basis
  • Students must give consistent effort

Congratulations to November’s Students of the Month:  

Community 5.1 – Tyler DiPaulo and Hannah Etheridge

Community 5.2 – Ryan Turner and Sarina Rhinehart

Community 5.3 – Anthony Bartolone and Allyssa Merrick

Community 5.4 – Tristan Lackney and Samantha Jordan

Community 5.5 – Walter Tidenberg

Community 6.1 – Trevor Baumgardner and Avery Bussey

Community 6.2 – Zak Fowler and Alexia Green

Community 6.3 – Blake Talkington and Grace Miller

Community 6.4 – Brodie Trump and Rylan Thom

Community 6.5 – AshtonTurkal and Rylie Lapikas