5th Grade Human Maturation Lesson

Dear Parents / Guardians, On Thursday, December 6th, 2018 your son or daughter will be taking part in a human maturation discussion with his or her counselor. Girls and boys will be separated in order to show a short video and have the opportunity to ask questions. Before we initiate this discussion, we wish to inform you of its content and allow you to contact us if you have any concerns. The content of this lesson will not include sexual reproduction. The primary focus will be puberty. If you wish to discuss the nature of this presentation, please call Mr. DiCicco/Mr. Laskey (boys) or Mrs. Pittman/Mrs Ehret (girls) at Pfeiffer at 330-478-6163 (extensions listed below).
Parents who wish to preview the video can go to Pfeiffer’s website and complete the request form titled “Human Maturation curriculum 5th grade only.” After submitting the form you will receive a video link in your inbox which will allow you to preview the video to be shown. Your child can benefit by encouraging him/her to share experiences and information with you. You can help your child cultivate proper hygiene and accept the physiological and emotional changes of puberty. We are looking forward to working with your child.
Mr. DiCicco, School Counselor ext 4800
Mrs. Ehret, School Counselor ext 4801
Mr. Laskey, School Counselor 330 832-8100
Mrs. Pittman, School Counselor ext 4801