Update on Recent Events and Days to Follow:

The safety and well-being of our students is our top priority. Earlier this afternoon, a few community members demonstrated outside of the high school. This was not student-led. We understand the pain and sorrow our students, families and community members are facing over the recent loss of several Perry students. 

We also understand that our students are faced with many difficult situations in life, including mental health issues, poverty, relationship issues with peers, depression and drug use.

The district has worked to put many preventive interventions and support initiatives in place to help them cope and face these situations, including:

  • Extensive counseling services to students and staff members
  • The implementation of the national, evidence-based, SOS: Signs of Suicide program to all staff members to help them recognize the warning signs to keep kids safe
  • The availability of both a mobile crisis team at each building, as well as a district crisis team
  • The rollout of a Trauma Resiliency and Education Committee Pilot Program to ensure all staff members are trauma-informed and trauma-aware
  • The implementation of several anti-bullying programs at every building level to support our district’s zero-tolerance policy

For a full list of initiatives, please review the Preventative and Support Initiatives flyer under ‘Quick Links.’

On Thursday, Nov. 16 and Friday, Nov. 17, our Perry High School student council and student leaders will be leading a two-day R&R event for the high school students and staff to Come Together, Create Community and Spread Kindness. This idea was completely student council and student leader led.

We would like to thank our staff, students, safety services and community members for continuing to stand together and support each other as we move forward.

Again, the safety and well-being of our students is our top priority.