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Perry Local Schools Remote Learning Program

As Perry Local Schools’ administration monitors the COVID-19 pandemic, we are prepared to assist students, parents & guardians, and staff in planning and implementing a remote learning program. Everything you need to know about our remote learning plan can be found at . This website has information specific to each group including a continuously updated resource bank, tutorial videos, lesson guides and more! Please use this as the home base for all remote learning for Perry Local Schools! Please look for more information specific to your student as communicated by their individual teachers. As we work through this unprecedented time together, we appreciate working together with our Perry family and will continue to provide the same amazing Perry education they have come to expect.

Election Update: 3-17-2020

As many of you already know, today’s election has been officially postponed until June 2, 2020. Last night was extremely confusing regarding the status of today’s election. Last night, based upon the best information available at the time, our group (along with other entities) communicated that the polls would be open today. Unfortunately, after that communication, an order was issued by the Ohio Department of Health to close the polls. This change happened in the very late hours. We apologize for any inconvenience.

For those of you who voted early, your vote will still count. For those of you who will not have the chance to vote today, you can request an absentee ballot between now and June 2 by visiting

Election Update 3-16-2020

Tomorrow’s election, on March 17th, WILL take place as previously scheduled. Polls will open at 6:30. Although the Governor proposed the election be postponed, this was denied by the courts this evening. Again, the election WILL occur tomorrow as previously scheduled.  The health and safety of our community members is our top priority. We ask that you take the necessary precautions tomorrow if you choose to exercise your right to vote and to please remember that Perry Local Schools has Issue 15 on the ballot.

Online Learning Survey

Dear Parents/Guardians:
In order to prepare for the possibility of delivering online learning, please complete the Google Form linked within this email. We are asking you to complete the form by Tuesday, March 17, 2020. If you have more than one child and in more than one building, you only need to complete the form one time.

Google Form Link:

Coronavirus Update: 3-13-2020

In keeping with our Governor’s advice and recommendation regarding COVID-19, schools should work during this extended period of time to provide education through alternative means. School district leadership has the ability to decide on how and when to use their school building during this mandated closure. Staff members should continue to report to school if directed by administrators.  Over the next 72 hours, the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) will be developing guidance for K-12 schools to ensure the continuity of important student services, including a strategy for providing meals. 

As the district awaits clear direction from the Governor’s office and ODE, we will be taking the following measures next week in preparation for providing remote education to our students starting Monday, March 30th. It is important to clarify, the following dates are not considered calamity days but are designated for the district to plan and engage in the remote learning process. 

Monday, March 16: PLSD Administration & Essential Personnel (as identified by administration) Report
Tuesday, March 17: PLSD Administration & Essential Personnel (as identified by administration) Report
Wednesday, March 18: PLSD Administration, Certified Staff & Essential Personnel (as identified by administration) Report
Thursday, March 19: PLSD Administration, Certified Staff & Essential Personnel (as identified by administration) Report
Friday, March 20: PLSD Administration, Certified Staff & Essential Personnel (as identified by administration) Report
**Buildings will be open FRIDAY ONLY for students to retrieve personal items from lockers. 

Saturday, March 21-Sunday, March 29: Spring Break (as scheduled)
Monday, March 30: Remote learning will begin and continue until further notice. Students and parents will be provided with additional guidance prior to this date. 

Please be patient with us as we navigate uncharted territory. There are still a number of areas on which we are awaiting clarification. We understand that the mandated school closures will cause many inconveniences and disruptions for parents and our community. We are working diligently to develop solutions to these challenges and we will continue to update staff and the Perry Local families as details are confirmed. 

We ask that everyone take a deep breath, be supportive of each other, and rise up as a united community in this difficult time. Together, let us exhibit the Perry Pride that positively sets us apart.