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Perry Active Gym Information

Are you a student or parent of a student looking for a fun way to be active with others? Are you looking for a group to join where all are welcome no matter the level of skill, ability, or age? A place where you can meet others and participate in a variety of fun physical activities in a relaxed atmosphere? Well, Perry Active Gym is for you!  Click here for all the details! 

February 26, 2020 Schedule Information

February 26, 2020 will be an amazing day for our students at Perry High School. Each year, the state of Ohio offers, at no cost, the ACT to all students in the 11th Grade. This offering is now a part of the graduation requirement and will provide a great opportunity for our students to complete this expectation.  While our 11th grade students will be completing the mandatory ACT, students in Grades 9-10 will be participating in “Practice AIR/ACT tests” that will provide each of them with an opportunity to see where they stand academically with each of these tests. As a reminder, students need to successfully attain a passing score on the actual AIR tests that are mandated by the state of Ohio.  As a reminder, although these are “practice tests,” each of our students will need to eventually score well enough on all of the “official” tests in the future as a route to fulfill their graduation requirements. After the tests, there will be a time of fun and relaxing including dodgeball, movies, games and much more to round out the day.

Due to these offerings, there will be no school for our Senior class on February 26, 2020. We are asking for all students in the Class of 2020 to intentionally spend the day on an activity that is meaningful and that makes a positive impact in some way. In addition to intentionally spending the day in making a positive difference, we are asking that the students reflect upon the day by writing a short paragraph (5-8 sentences) stating how they spent the day, why the activity was chosen, and what did the day mean personally to them or others.

National School Breakfast Week

To encourage more families to take advantage of school breakfast, Perry Local Schools will celebrate National School Breakfast Week during March 2-6, 2020.  A healthy breakfast at the start of the day is a great way to ensure students get the best education they can. National School Breakfast Week helps us educate parents and students about all the healthy, great tasting, and appealing choices Perry Schools offer. Each breakfast consists of whole grains, fresh fruit, juice and milk while limiting fat, calories and sodium.
Studies show that students who eat school breakfast are more likely to:
 Reach higher levels of achievement in reading and math
 Score higher on standardized tests
 Have better concentration and memory
 Be more alert
 Maintain a healthy weight
Breakfast is offered before the start of the school day at all Perry Local School Cafeterias. Cost is $1.35; Reduced $.30; Qualify for free lunch-free breakfast.

School Closed 2-7-2020

Due to the inclement weather, all Perry Local Schools and the Career and Wellness Center will be closed Friday, February 7, 2020.

Parent/Teacher Conference Information

Online registration for February 2020 Conferences opens on Sunday, February 2nd at 6pm. Online conference registration will close on Sunday, February 9th at 11pm.

 Perry High School        Edison Middle School         Pfeiffer Intermediate       Genoa Elementary
 Knapp Elementary           Lohr Elementary          Watson Elementary     Whipple Elementary

February 2020 Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held on Tuesday and Thursday, February 11th and 13th from 5pm – 8pm each evening. There is no school for Perry students on Friday, February 14th and Monday, February 17th.
Parent Tutorial Links: How to Sign Up for a Conference | How to Cancel a Conference | Find Previously Scheduled Conferences