February and March are scheduling months at Perry High School.  Counselors will be meeting with each student individually to review the student’s transcript, report card, future plans, and course selections for next year.  Students have been given a scheduling card and watched a short video in homeroom, which highlighted the most important scheduling points.  The Course Registration Catalog and Registration cards are available on the drop down menu found on this tab.  All schedule cards must be completed and signed by a parent/guardian and returned to the student’s English teacher no later than February 1st for grades 9-11 and February 11th for grade 8.  After February 1st, students in grades 9-11 should return the completed card to the Guidance Office.

The students will meet with the counselors on the following dates:



February 6,8,9- current juniors

February 14, 16, 17- current freshmen

February 21,22,24- current sophomores

February 27, 28- current 8th grade students (counselors go to Edison to schedule)