Perry High School – Social Studies Course Offerings

The social studies department prides itself in offering engaging courses for Perry students.  Many electives and advanced classes are offered for students wishing to extend their learning of the social sciences beyond the required courses.

A full description of each course is available in the course catalog, which can be found on the PHS Guidance website (under scheduling/registration; “course description booklet“).

Classes include:

Required Advanced Courses Electives*
World History Honors World History American Pop Culture
U.S. History A.P. U.S. History American Wars
Integrated American Government CC+ U.S. History Ethics
A.P. U.S. Government & Politics Psychology
A.P. European History Sociology
A.P. Psychology World Studies C.P.
CC+ Political Science
CC+ Ethics
CC+ Cultural Diversity
CC+ Psychology
CC+ Sociology

1. Not all electives are offered every semester. Please consult the current course catalog for details.
2. Honors World History is typically offered to incoming 9th graders, and has an additional half weight for GPA.
3. CC+ and AP courses give an additional full weight to a student’s GPA.

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