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Choir Photos

10 Apr

Photos of each ensemble will be taken on Wednesday, April 25 during class times.  Students must bring or wear their appropriate choir apparel that day or they will be excluded from the picture. 

All Lyrics members must wear their WWPD shirts with black pants, black dress shoes and socks.  Please come to school in this outfit so that we don’t take class time to change.  The robe crew will have robes for you.

Bel Canto members must bring their dresses and black dress shoes–please press them so they’re not wrinkled.  You may hang them in the choir room in the morning and change QUICKLY at the beginning of mod 5.

Symphonic members should come dressed in gowns and tuxedos, if possible.  If you’re leaving your dress or tux in the choir room, please have it labeled clearly with your name.  We have very little time for you to change and we need to take Kinsmen photos during Symphonic time, as well, so changing before class will be helpful.  Pack your bag early so you don’t forget your tie or shoes!!

Treblemakers will wear their “Torrie” sweatshirts and jeans.  You can change after Symphonic pictures or at the beginning of class.

Pipers will wear their performance attire–guys will wear green shirts.  Please be sure you have BLACK SOCKS and the correct undergarments.  No bra straps showing–be classy!

If you do not have the appropriate attire, you will not be pictured in the yearbook–plan ahead now!

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