2014 Treblemakers and Pipers announced

13 Feb

New Pipers pose for posterity!

On Tuesday, February 12, current Treblemakers and Pipers welcomed new members for the 2013-2014 school.  All students are required to audition and competition is fierce for the few spaces available each year in these selective ensembles.  This year, senior members of both groups planned a “tapping” ceremony and reception to make the event even more memorable.  New Pipers enjoyed a James Bond-themed tapping with handmade tuxedo invitations (by Lexy Klaiber) that encouraged all to attend a brief celebration in the choir room for Caroline’s Cupcakes and beverages.  Treblemakers marked the occasion with a special poem, pink roses and invitations made by Marissa Knop and Haley Hudson.  Seniors invited new sisters to meet on stage in our theatre for specially designed Treblemaker cupcakes by budding baker Kelsey Modlin (also with help from Haley Hudson).  It was a great way to spend our morning and honor members–new and old! 

Treblemakers new and old gather in the theater to celebrate!


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