Congratulations to Solo & Ensemble participants

13 Feb

On February 2, 31 Vocal Soloists participated in Solo and Ensemble Contest at Massillon Washington High School.  Each student prepared a song from the Ohio Music Education Association required list and sang for a judge who evaluated them using a rating scale of I (Superior) to V (Poor).  16 of our students earned Superior ratings and the other 15 earned ratings of Excellent.  Congratulations to all who sang that day!

Superior Ratings:  Megan Cobb, Sarah Downie, Lauren M. Dice, Meaghan Merry, Maria McCarty, Sabrina Ertle, Taylor Adamczak, Sarah Heiss, Kayli Doyle, Lauren E. Dice, Anna Oprisch, Megan Brophy, Dylan Harris, Jhena Smith, Katie Schweizer and Logan Klick.

Excellent Ratings:  Raylyn Sidwell, Ashley Peveich, Maddie Meyer, Jacob Meeks, Joe Martz, Kyle Albaugh, Mary Fox, Peyton Sibert, Josh Potts, Whitney Riddle, Marc Murrey, Kelsey Modlin, Christian Lisik, Courtney Baker and Brandon Nisewonger.

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