State Contest Info

29 Apr

Congratulations to all the ensembles performing this weekend at State Contest!  We will be sending students to Jackson High School in two shifts:  Bel Canto and Lyrics Choirs will be leaving PHS at 3:30.  Symphonic Choir and Kinsmen members who aren’t a part of any other choir will leave at 4:00.  Please don’t be late–we have a very busy evening full of performances!

Our schedule for the evening is as follows:

Bel Canto:  4:30 p.m., Jackson Center for Performing Arts (JCPA)

Lyrics:  5:50 p.m., JCPA

Symphonic Choir:  7:50 p.m., JCPA

Kinsmen:  9:10 p.m., Main Gym

We expect to return to PHS no later than 10:30 p.m.  Please have rides here ready to transport you home!

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