Bel Canto Apparel

18 Aug

Bel Canto

Each student is responsible for the purchase of her own gown which Mrs. Polen will order at the beginning of the school year.  The cost of this gown is approximately $52.  Students may apply fundraiser earnings to the purchase of their gown, but all uniforms must be paid in full before they can be taken home or worn.  Ladies must wear black closed-toe shoes stockings/hose with their dresses.  Earrings must be small and unobtrusive; no necklaces will be allowed.



General Guidelines

Ladies:  Earrings of your choice are permitted as long as they are small and unobtrusive–no big hoops, long dangling earrings, etc.  Facial piercings or tongue piercings must be removed.  Hair color for concerts may not be any color that does not occur naturally on the heads of humans—no blue, green, purple, etc.  Those who are non-compliant will be asked to leave and will fail the performance.


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