ReOpen Perry 2020 FAQs

ReOpen FAQs

Gifted Pullout/Honors courses for 2-6 will not be available through our virtual learning option but gifted students will be served through a cluster grouping model facilitated by the general education teacher(s) facilitating the online coursework. Those teachers will receive ongoing support from our district GISs.
That is in essence what we did. Health Department has told us if we are a red county but schools are taking the precautions laid out, we can remain open. Purple, they will more than likely close everyone.
That's a good question. Not being a tech expert, I don't want to speak directly; however, I can tell you if technology is an issue, the district will provide devices.
There will be no open houses this year. Check your child's building for specific directions.
For co-curricular activities, you must be enrolled in person to participate (speech/debate, band, etc)..
Yes, we will be having our remote staff and in-person staff following the same curriculum.
The virtual academy teachers will work families to establish a regular schedule.
There will be a charge unless the family receives free/reduced lunches regularly.
You would need a doctor's note and/or if they have an IEP, these would be reasons for an exemption.
We have had this question a number of times. Hats are not allowed.
Yes, or on the bus, or in between every class. This is just an extra precaution because we realize some kids won't have their temps taken before coming to school.
Our guidance has been to try and give children a break, especially when social distancing can be met. What became very clear in our meetings with health department was if we don't take every precaution and we have a case (which we will) then we are more likely to be closed. I want to do everything possible to keep our kids in school
Honestly, that will be out of our hands. We are required to report to the health department and they will take it from there.
Students at Pfeiffer will use their current curriculum and resources and will have live direct instruction from Perry teachers. High School students will be using Florida Virtual.
I will answer this assuming this is in reference to a student being in the Virtual Academy. The Pfeiffer students will interact daily with a Perry teacher but not necessarily the teacher(s) he/she would have had in the traditional classroom.
We are still moving forward with the preschool program based on the recommendations from Governor DeWine and the Health Department. With the latest information from the state, I am sure that the administrators will be in touch with the families very soon.
Yes, we will continue to work with the police department and have resource officers in our buildings.
If students decide to participate in the Virtual Academy, then they are not permitted to participate in co-curriculars such as choir. Only those students who are traditional learning option students will participate in choir this year. The other common co-curriculars that families have asked about include band and speech/debate.
Florida Virtual does offer AP US Government and AP US History, but not AP European History. Many but not all of the courses correlate between what we offer in Perry and what Florida Virtual can offer. We are working on a comprehensive list as we are working on purchasing more classes.
Honors students set up their schedules the same way. Working with the counselor, they can let you know which Perry courses have a direct correlation to Florida Virtual courses and which have AP and Honors available. Yes, CCP and AP credits are the same. There may be some courses that will not be offered in Florida Virtual, so students will need to pick an alternative from their offerings if they need the credits. CCP courses will need to be done through Stark State's requirements. If they offer the course online, then the student has that option. If the university only offers it on campus, then the student would need to attend the class on campus. We can help schedule for the course, but we have no control over any of the CCP guidelines or requirements as that is totally through the universities.
Virtual Academy students are eligible for extra-curricular activities such as sports but not co-curricular activities such as band as the co-curriculars are connected to classes in the school building during the day.
Students will be assigned to an area to eat either the gym or the cafeteria. They will be able to eat with friends following the physical distancing, but will most likely be asked to sit in consistent seats, which most of the students do anyway. The idea is to avoid groups of students and keep the students spread out for transitions.
If we do get shut down as a building or district, all students will automatically roll into what we are calling our temporary Virtual Academy. In this situation, their traditional classroom teachers will continue to provide the instruction through online meetings, digital sessions, etc. It will be similar to the spring but much improved as we now have time to plan, prepare, train, set expectations, etc. that we didn't have the opportunity to do in the spring.
Depending on the grade level, we will try to provide a chrome book for your children if you do not have a device at home that can access the internet. In most cases, we will be able to make this happen.