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Nomination Form for UNITE Officers


UNITE Officer Nomination Form

        School Year 2018-2019


Watson UNITE is asking for your nomination(s) of officers for the 2018-2019 school year!


Positions to be filled include the Executive Committee:  President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, as well as chairmen of the Nominating and Scholarship committees.  Descriptions of each position as follows. If you are interested in serving in any of these positions, please complete and return this form to the school no later than February 14, 2018.


President – Shall preside at all meetings of the organization and the Executive Board.  Coordinate the work of all offices and committees of the organization.


Vice President – Shall act as an assistant to the President and shall perform duties of the President in his/her absence.  Vice President will be responsible for presenting any standing committee reports to the organization at meetings should those committee chairs be unable to attend.


Secretary – Shall record the minutes of all meetings and make copies of the minutes to be distributed prior to and at board meetings.


Treasurer – Shall receive all money of the organization, keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures, present a statement of accounts at each board meeting, and be able to attend PTO functions in which money will be collected. They shall also be responsible for collecting and preparing information for the required tax return.


Chairman of Nominating – Shall form a committee and notify the parents/caretakers of Watson Elementary students of the upcoming election.


Chairman of Scholarship – Distribute applications to Perry High School seniors and form a committee to choose the recipient of the Seth W. Brown Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund.  Shall also present scholarship to the recipient at the Perry High Awards Ceremony and have the plaque engraved.


Please check the appropriate position & return by February 14, 2018 (it is acceptable to nominate yourself)

Questions can be emailed to or submitted via Remind


The Great Kindness Challenge

Make Kindness Contagious!

How can you show kindness?  How can your child show kindness?  How can you make kindness contagious in your home, school and community?

The Great Kindness Challenge is a week (we are doing 2 at Watson) dedicated to creating a culture of kindness. Next week is nationwide, and we are adding in an additional week to run into our next Mindset Monday.  Together as a building, we are promoting acts of kindness with the goal to make it contagious in the community.

Attached is a checklist of all kinds of things your child can do over the next two weeks- with even a few blank spots to add additional ones not on the list.

As the kids complete the lists- They don’t have to do everything- return them to school so they can place the list in the designated boxes for their grade. As you go through the next two weeks, please take pictures of them as you catch them in the act and e mail them to me.   These pictures will be compiled and shown at our Mindset Monday assembly.

If you have any questions or have pictures, send to


Kim Snodgrass and Watson Elementary



Kindness 2Kindness 3

COSI on Wheels

“This year COSI on wheels has a brand new exciting program called “The Incredible Human Machine” As always UNITE greatly appreciates any volunteers to help make the day a success. It is best if you can volunteer all day but if you can only volunteer half a day that is understandable. However, ALL volunteers must attend the orientation at 8:15a.m. The shifts are 8:15-12:00 and 12:45-3:30. Please respond to the Remind message or email To sign up for UNITE remind please join the class dh64h or text @dh64h to 81010 a confirmation message will be sent to volunteers Jan 2 to remind them.”

Click here for Volunteer information

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Aluminum Tab Update

Watson Students have collected over 103 lbs of tabs so far! Mrs. Stevenson has coordinated over 50 MORE lbs from other members of the district and community! So, that’s over 153 lbs!

Top 3 classes SO FAR in December: (Last count and cookie prizes will be on our last day in December)
Mrs. Collin’s 4th Grade Class with over 10 lbs!
Mrs. Eshleman’s Kindergarten class with over 4.5 lbs
Mrs. South’s 4th Grade Class with over 2 lbs
We are collecting through January! Keep sending them in!