Building Profile


Watson School is 1 of 5 elementary schools in the Perry Local School System located in northeastern Ohio Between the cities of Canton and Massillon. Watson School is a neighborhood school in which students live within a radius of less than 4 miles.

  • Year built                                                      1958
  • Number of students                                       370
  • Grades served                                               K-4
  • Number of teachers                                        28
  • Teachers with Master’s degree                         16
  • Nationally Board Certified Teacher                     1
  • Ohio Recognized Master Teacher                       1
  • Average Years of teaching experience              14
  • Percentage of teachers highly qualified             100%
  • Number of Administrators                                1
  • Level of Administrator’s Education                  Master of Education from Ashland University
  • Years as building principal                               1
  • Support Staff                                                19


– School rated EXCELLENT by the Ohio Department of Education 9 consecutive years –

– School Motto: We’re making the future happen through the magic of learning –

– School Mascot: The Wildcat (version of the panther our district mascot) –

Parent Teacher Organization UNITE (UNITE Now In Today’s Education is an active support group in existence since 1959.

We are proud of our hard working and dedicated teachers and staff. We are equally proud of our hard working students, supportive parents and community who want the best education for the children of the Perry Community.

Our student scores on state assessments are typically in the 90% or better performance range. In addition, we provide opportunities for students to showcase talent in music, art, and athletics.

Our school grounds include a 1/3 mile walking track utilized by the students during the day and the community after school hours.

Our students, families, and staff are also philanthropic as typical donations of over $2,000 dollars are made to the Jump Rope for your Heart Program, and Akron Children’s Hospital also received over $5,000 dollars. Students also donate clothing, canned goods, and so many other things to local causes and charities. In 2010, we added a nationally recognized after school program for girls promoting self esteem and physical fitness called Girls on the Run.

Our students’ artwork can be found on an online gallery called Little Davinci.