Honoring Superstar Effort!

Principal's Board #2Great things continue to happen at Whipple Heights Elementary School!  The Principal’s Showcase, which spotlights exceptional student effort/work, was just updated.  Below is a listing of the most recent students whose work is being displayed:  


Quinton Jones (K)

John  Beckert (K)

Abby Ward (K)

Noah Jenkins (K)

Darek Orman (1st)

Luke Wagner (1st)

Maddy Herron (1st)

Malea Hall (2nd)

Kory Post (2nd)

Peyton Wengerd (2nd)

Madison Labriola (3rd)

Dean Chojnowski (3rd)

Mya Hoskins (3rd)

Tracie Jo Crookston (4th)

Ava Diotale (4th)

Claire Horner (4th)

Luke Wagner (Gifted from Watson)