Whipple Heights Staff, Students, and Families Continue to Pay it Forward

IMG_20140425_152613This year Mrs. Baker’s Second Grade class and parents have been collecting children’s books written in Spanish.  Mrs. Baker, along with Mr. Snyder (3rd Grade), will be  taking a missions trip to Honduras in June where they will be working in an elementary school with Spanish students in grades K-4.  The directors at the school informed Mrs. Baker that their is a high need for children’s books at the school.  The area is in the city where poverty is high and the students that attend the school are there because an American church has donated money to fund the program, or they are sponsored individually by a family in the States.   The parents and students in Mrs. Baker’s class  have ordered books through Scholastic’s Spanish book club, Club Leo, while Mrs. Baker has been using her bonus points to get more of the books.  So far the class has collected 75 books.  One more order will be placed before the school year is complete.  The gift of reading is one of the most precious gifts we can give a child no matter what language is spoken.