Honoring Superstar Effort!

IMG_4954Great things continue to happen at Whipple Heights Elementary School. The most recent being the posting of Mr. Hug’s 4th Round Principal Showcase for the 2018-2019 school year. The Principal Showcase is a bulletin board (located in the main hallway across from the office) where every four to five weeks teachers submit student work for recognition and display based on student effort. Each time the board is changed we recognize these students on our website/social media. Additionally, when it’s time to change the board students receive a small token from Mr. Hug to reinforce his pride and excitement in their display of hard work.

Below is a listing of the 4th Principal Showcase Recipients for the 2018/19 School Year:
Angelia Mullane
Mark Poorman
Kylie Soto
Delaney Katusin
Sebastian Collin
Christopher Bowersox
Elijah Neal
Katelynn Shaheen
Gloriana Mitson
Paige Gidcumb
Aubrianna Griffith
Farren Stevens
Leorah Lilley
Isaiah Payne
Madison Owens
Kennady Starcher
Amiah Betts