Building Profile


In a community of approximately 35,000 residents, the Perry Local School System serves 5,000 students.  Lying between the cities of Canton and Massillon, suburban Perry Township is mainly an industrial/business community where agriculture is still an important part of the economy.  Whipple Heights is one of five elementary schools in the Perry Local School District.  Whipple was built in 1952, with an addition added in 1959.

Whipple sits on approximately 10 acres of land and has a beautiful playground filled with a variety of playground equipment and open areas for the students and community to enjoy. Whipple has a long-standing reputation of high expectations and high student achievement in all academic areas. These lofty goals have helped Whipple to achieve an “Excellent” or “Excellent With Distinction” rating from the Ohio Department of Education for the past ten years in a row. Whipple has also been rated in the top 10% of the elementary schools in the county. Whipple has a very active, family-centered PTO that donates over 4,000 volunteer hours and more than $15, 000 to the school and student body every year. On a daily basis, Whipple lives up to the motto of “A Great Place to Learn”.

Statistics & Additional Information

  • Total Enrollment:      440
  • Grade Levels:              K-4
  • Number of Staff:         47
  • Certified                    31
  • Classified                   16
  • 100% of teaching staff is “highly qualified,” as determined by the Ohio Department of Education
  • 89% of certified staff has earned a Master’s Degree
  • Ranked “Excellent” or “Excellent With Distinction” by the Ohio Department of Education for the past ten years in a row