Latest News for Whipple Elementary

Socktober @ Whipple Heights

socktoberimageDon’t forget, it is Socktober and we are collecting sock donations throughout the month.  This charity project was created by and is sponsored by Perry High School seniors.  At the moment, our 2nd-grade students are in the lead with their donation box about half full.  Please help if you can by contributing to this charitable effort!

Socktober Information Flyer

Walk-A-Thon Information

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is our 5th Annual Whipple Walk-A-Thon.  Here are the scheduled times by grade level.  If you are wanting to walk with your student, please plan to come about 5 minutes prior and check in at the tent behind the building, just past Door 7 (off of the parking lot).  You will have to have your Photo ID like all events.


P.A.C. Winter Swim Team Information Sheet (2017-2018)

The Perry Aquatic Club (PAC)  winter season begins on Tuesday, October 3rd from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM. PAC offers training for beginner swimmers up through the most competitive and skilled swimmers. Link to the file below for more information.  *PAC members must be able to swim at least one (1) length of the pool and know how to do a minimum of two different strokes (i.e. free, breast, back, butterfly).

PAC Winter Swim Team Information Sheet (2017-2018)

2016-09-21 08.14.20Honoring Superstar Effort!

Great things happen at Whipple Heights Elementary School.  The most recent being the posting of Mr. Hug’s 1st Round Principal Showcase for the 2017-2018 school year.  The Principal Showcase is a bulletin board (located in the main hallway across from the office) where every four to five weeks teachers submit student work for recognition and display based on student effort.  Each time the board is changed we recognize these students on our website/social media.  Additionally, when it’s time to change the board students receive a small token from Mr. Hug to reinforce his pride and excitement in their display of hard work.  (more…)

Parent Grade Viewer Information – Home Access Center (HAC)

Perry Local, along with most other Stark County schools, is transitioning to a new online grade book system.  The Parent Grade Viewer, which is now called the Home Access Center (HAC), will most likely not be active until after the first nine weeks. The delay is due to a large amount of formatting, data migration, and set up along with a focus on the great importance of the accuracy of all of the information.

We will be sending home information and directions once the Home Access Center component is up and running. We appreciate your understanding as we work through this transition time.

Safety Drill Information

Today, Perry Police Officers joined our staff at Whipple Heights Elementary to conduct our first set of safety drills for the 2017-2018 school year.  This is standard practice in Perry Local designed to ensure all students understand what to do in the event of any type of emergency.  Classrooms teachers talked with the students about what a drill is and why we conduct them prior to beginning the drills and then worked to answer questions following the completion of them.  We practiced both a building-wide lock-in and a building-wide evacuation drill.  So, don’t be surprised when your child comes home talking about these drills or the presence of police officers at the school.  Have a GREAT week!

Whipple Warrior Walk Kickoff Assembly

Whipple Heights Elementary is gearing up for its 5th annual “Whipple Warrior Walk.”  On Thursday, September 14th, staff held an assembly for students to kick off the fundraising effort.   Teachers sported this year’s official walk-a-thon t-shirts (with some added touches) and modeled for students a mini walk-a-thon. (more…)