Latest News for Whipple Elementary

Whipple Fall Math & Literacy Night – Thursday, October 3rd

whipple fall mathDon’t miss our Fall Math & Literacy Night this coming Thursday, October 3rd 2013 from 6:30-7:30 pm!  We have designed this year’s event as a scavenger hunt for students and families around the theme, Passport to the Seven Seas.   So please mark your calendars and join us for this great adventure!

Whipple Celebrates Great Behavior

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe spent the day celebrating good behavior choices with some outdoor fun! With the help of some AMAZING parent volunteers, students rotated through a series of stations (sack race, tug-of-war, parachute, and jump rope/sidewalk chalk). Then it was time for a refreshing popsicle treat.

How did this come about? Students had to earn their way into the party by not moving their clip to ‘step one’ more than one time since the start of the school year. 330 students earned an entrance ticket.

Way to go Whipple students! CLICK HERE to view a slideshow of the day’s events!

Fireman Evans “Fires Up” Our 1st Graders

Firefighter Mike #2Fireman/Paramedic Mike Evans (Canton/PlainTwp Depts) kept 1st grade students entranced in Whipple’s library as he described “a day in the life” of a firefighter. Mike brought along Show-N-Tell items and shared little-known facts about those items (his gear). Students learned that a lot of thought goes into designing their equipment a certain way. Who would have thought about: providing a way so that water doesn’t run down the inside of their collars or designing something to protect their ears from getting burnt or providing suspenders (to keep their pants from falling down when they get heavily soaked with water)?

Trying to bring a book to life can be a real challenge sometimes. Having a real fireman read: Fire Truck (a Play-a-Sound book) nicely met that challenge. Kids relate to the fact that he actually “lives” that book on a daily basis. Reading the book and incorporating the sound effects held the students’ attention, while they learned.

Mike is our secretary’s (Kathy Evans) son. Kathy is proud of what her son does to help others. She describes Mike as: quiet, conscientious, funny and loyal. He loves: Kit Kats, his dog and to hunt. CLICK HERE TO VIEW A SLIDESHOW!

Prince/Princess Party Builds Excitement for Reading

Litman 1Donna Wise, our school librarian, began this tradition back in the Fall of 2009.  With the help of our reigning princess, Ms. Chloe Logan, the kindergarten students get to spend some time learning about all things fancy and listen to a ‘read aloud’ of the popular book Fancy Nancy.  Then, it’s party time!  The little prince and princesses get to enjoy an ice cream parfait with their class. CLICK HERE TO VIEW A SLIDESHOW OF THIS VERY EXCITING DAY IN KINDERGARTEN AT WHIPPLE.


Changes to the Earth’s Surface – Grade 4 Science

image08Mrs. Daugherty’s 4th grade science class performed an experiment today. They were working to observe the changes that occur to the earth’s surface as a glacier slowly travels over it as well as what is left behind when it melts. The students noticed scratches and trails in the surface, along with piles of sediment (moraines) and the formation of “lakes.” CLICK HERE TO VIEW A SLIDESHOW FROM TODAY’S EXPERIMENT.

WHPTO Family Miniature Golf – Monday, September 9th

mini-golf-mdWhipple’s PTO  is hosting our first family event of the school year on Monday, September 9th at Pro-Putt Miniature Golf (map) from 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm. Whipple students golf unlimited for $2. The price includes popcorn and a drink. Non-Whipple students golf for $4.  All accompanying adults golf for free! Contact Michele Wood with questions 330-232-0007.