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Perry Local School District Face Covering Policy

As we prepare to open the 20/21 school year, we thought it was important to share the specific policy as it relates to the requirement of wearing of face coverings for staff and students. Take Some time to read the policy. Hopefully it clears up the details in regards to specific questions surrounding what is acceptable. In a nutshell, guidance from all health organizations recommend multi-layer cloth masks. If different guidance is given in the future, the district will adapt the policy. Please note there are the exemptions as laid out in the policy.
When we began this journey, the face covering requirement was a bit broader in regards to “types” of masks but as we’ve progressed, the health professionals have really narrowed down the most effective, recommended barriers and have discouraged use of items like gators or masks with vents (non 95). We appreciate everyone’s cooperation. The district will continue to release information as get it or sense the need to clarify an issue. As stated before, following these guidelines gives us the single best chance to give our students the opportunity for a traditional educational setting.

While the Perry Local School District has reopened its schools to students, the global COVID- 19 pandemic continues. Schools are places where diseases like COVID-19 can quickly spread given the number of students, teachers, and others who often come into close contact with one another. For the safety of our student body and community, all Perry Local School District staff and students in grades Pre-K-12 are required to wear multi-layered cloth face coverings at all times while at school or on school buses, subject to the exceptions at the end of this policy. Face coverings must comply with our Dress Code, and must not contain profanity or other prohibited images or material. Failure by students to comply with this policy may result in discipline under the Student Code of Conduct. Furthermore, outright refusal by
a student to wear a face covering will result in the student being enrolled in the Perry Virtual Learning Academy. COVID-19 is highly contagious, and not everyone infected with the disease shows symptoms. When a student wears a face covering, though, it is more difficult for the student to spread COVID-19 to friends and classmates. And because we don’t always know who has COVID- 19, it is safest for all of us if everyone wears a cloth face covering. We wear face coverings to help protect our friends and classmates in case we are infected but don’t know it. Face coverings are effective only if worn properly.

Opening Dates for 2020-2021 School Year

The Perry Local School will be delaying the start of school for students. Students grades 1-5 & 7-9 will start on Thursday, August 20th. All Grades 1-12 will be in session on Friday, August 21st.  Your child’s buildings will be communicating out specifics as it relates to these opening dates. These additional days will allow the Perry staff to be trained on the health department guidance as it relates to district and building opening plans.  This will allow for sufficient time to train on the various aspects of opening and operating a safer school.  These additional days will also allow for added preparation in the event the District would be required to shift to all remote learning.  Our desire was to start the school year as scheduled but it became clear that additional time was needed to best prepare our staff and address the many changes implemented. Kindergarten screening and start dates will not be affected by these date changes.  The Perry Virtual Academy is still scheduled to begin on August 24th, 2020. Once all intent forms are returned, the District will be pushing out relevant dates to those families indicating when their child(ren) will begin the year in the Virtual Academy. As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we prepare for the 2020/2021 school year.  Everyday we get closer to getting back to education and bringing some normalcy to our children’s lives.

Perry Virtual Learning Academy Policies and Procedures

Dear Perry Families,
As you continue to contemplate the best educational setting for your child, the district wanted to provide you with the Perry Virtual Learning Academy policies and procedures (click here for the document in English, click here for the document in Spanish).  Again, as we work through these various components and get more stakeholder input, adjustments will be made to this plan.  Hopefully this document will convey the basics of what the Virtual Academy will entail. We believe this option will provide a rigorous and appropriate education.  Please be reminded, to better help us prepare, submit your intent form so we are aware what educational path you will be selecting for your child(ren). We have already seen a 37% return rate from our families with approximately 17% of those returns opting for the Virtual Academy.  Building Plans –  we continue to fine tune building specific plans. Those plans have been completed but we are just putting them in an easily consumable format..  Please be patient as we put these additional pieces together.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we attempt to communicate as many details as possible.

Boys Golf Information

Boys Golf for grades 9-12 tryout information: Monday August 3rd at 2:15 pm and Tuesday August 4th at 11:15 am. Both days at the Legends Golf Course.